Water Saving Techniques

Grey-water systems

Grey water is the wastewater from your washing machine, shower, bath and basins.

Households use around 70% of the water consumed in greater Sydney. Using grey-water instead of our precious drinking water for outdoor purposes could save each household up to 50,000 litres of drinking water every year.

Connect a Waterwise system to your washing machine and divert and reuse the laundry water into a drip system to irrigate the garden.

There are two types of grey-water systems, each allowing you to use grey-water in different ways.
A grey-water diversion device enables untreated grey-water to be used for outdoor purposes, by distributing water to your garden through a sub surface irrigation system.
A grey-water treatment system enables you to use treated grey-water for above surface irrigation, toilets and washing machines. Treated grey-water can also be stored.

Facts about grey-water
Grey-water is not permitted to run off your property.
The Australian Standard requires that a sign be placed on the outlet of the grey-water diversion device marked "WARNING DO NOT DRINK" and that all irrigation pipes be coloured purple.
Some soaps and detergents are more harmful than others for your garden. Make sure they don’t contain phosphates.
Sub-surface irrigation systems work best to distribute grey-water evenly around your garden.

Reuse your clean kitchen water

The environmentally friendly product called of EcoVerta, automatically recovers cold water that is normally lost down the drain while you wait for hot water to arrive at an outlet. Without fuss or noise, and with no additional power or wiring requirements, this device allows you to save and collect up to 6 litres with every use at up to 6 times a day. This adds up to 1000l a month!

Requiring zero energy and built with quality in mind, the EcoVerta range are all ‘fit and forget’ and designed to ensure they will operate silently with no additional buttons or switches for you to be concerned with.

Unlike other solutions, EcoVerta's design incorporates no electrical circuits or pumps and requires only the energy contained in the flowing water to function. This means exceptionally reliable service year after year with little or no service costs.
Ecoverta - www.advecotech.com.au Cost $220

Water probe
A water probe reduces water lost through evaporation from watering and gets the water to the plant roots where it’s needed. Use the water probe for your garden’s trees such as Japanese Maples and Camellias.

Trigger nozzles
A trigger nozzle attached to your garden hose is an easy way to save water. Instead of hand watering your plants with the hose continually running water, a trigger nozzle with an on/off switch allows you to direct water when and where it is needed.

Rain sensors

A common problem with watering systems, including water efficient drip irrigation, is that they switch on even when it rains. A rain sensor will turn your electronic controller off when it rains. Speak with your local irrigation installer about an appropriate rain sensor for your watering system. www.duralirrigation.com.au

Soil moisture sensors

A soil moisture sensor detects moisture and switches off your watering system controller when your garden has sufficient water. Speak with your local irrigation installer about an appropriate rain switch for your watering system.

Angels' Advice

Pruning excess growth from plants after flowering or fruiting, will reduce their water needs
By installing a AAA rated low-flow shower head you will use around 40% less water
A leaking tap can lose more than 25 litres of water per day


www.advecotech.com.au - (EcoVerta)
www.duralirrigation.com.au - (Irrigation products)
www.waterwisesystems.com.au - (Grey-water converter)
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