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Choosing varieties that can be picked and eaten straight from the bush or vine may reconnect kids with the food they’re eating and get them excited about fruits and vegetables again!


Strawberries require good drainage, so grow them in raised beds, or in pots on the patio or balcony. Apply liquid fertiliser every 3 weeks once flowering commences to promote a good crop.

Baby carrots

Kids love extremes – big and small; so bite-sized baby carrots are a favourite. The most vital ingredient in growing carrots is light, well-drained soil. Carrot seed is small and hard to sow thinly, so mixing it with sand first, provides more bulk and makes it easier to spread. They can be sown directly and thinned to 10cm apart. Baby carrots can be grown or just harvest your carrots early when they are young, sweet and tender as they are best eaten straight from the garden – washed and unpeeled!

White mulberry

If there’s one fruit that kids love and rarely see in the shops, its mulberries. It is a beautiful, weeping, backyard tree, that lets in the winter sun as it deciduous. To prevent being covered with red-mulberry stains over clothes and fingers, choose a white variety!


A strong, vigorous climber from South America, the passionfruit has a sweet/tangy combination that is irresistible. Passionfruit vines prefer an open position with a good structure to grow on as they climb with curly tendrils, so the can be trained initially, but once established, they hold on themselves. If it grows a little wild in all directions, simply tip prune by pinching the growing tip off.

Black magic - produces a large crop in mid-summer from spring-flowering and a smaller crop in winter from the autumn flowering.
Panama Gold - grafted, big golden yellow fruit.
Panama Red - grafted, quite large fruit with red skin.

Angels’ Advice

If you are lacking space at home, grow mini fruit and vegetables in pots
Seeds are a cheap and easy way for kids to grow their own healthy food
Bite-sized fruit and vegetables are perfect for kids as they are easy to pick and eat


Yarrahapinni Nursery – (white mulberry) – (plants)

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