Top Tips for Healthy Soil

Beautiful gardens and lawns start from the ground up. Victa shares their to achieve healthy soil and give your garden a head start.

All too often it is assumed to have a beautiful garden you need to add chemical based fertilisers and use an assortment of products to keep your plants and lawn healthy and the bugs at bay. The fact is that the greatest gardens and lawns start from the ground-up, or more precisely the soil-up. Put simply - good soil grows great gardens and lawns.

With some easy to follow tips from garden and lawncare expert Victa and horticulturalist Adam Woodhams, you can ensure you have great, well maintained soil.

“A good soil isn’t one that’s just been pumped full of synthetic fertilisers,” says Adam.

“Healthy soil contains the right amounts of organic matter and nutrients. It has the right structure to encourage root development, moisture penetration and retention. Plus it has a balanced ecosystem, including everything from micro-flora and fauna to earthworms.”

It’s becoming increasingly recognised that plants, whether they be veggies, flowering annuals, shrubs, trees or lawn grasses are all better able to resist attack from pests and diseases and to tolerate climate extremes such as drought or intensely hot weather if they are grown in well-balanced, healthy soil.

Whilst healthy soil isn’t something you can develop overnight, it’s pretty simple to put your garden on a health kick.

  1. Mulch

    Mulch with a natural material such as composted leaf litters or quality weed-free straw such as Lucerne. This helps keep the soil temperature stable allowing for better development of earthworm populations, it also breaks down and adds all important organic matter into the soil and helps it to retain moisture.
  2. Apply quality composted manures or composts

    These can be dug in gently or spread in a layer before you apply your mulch. Manure adds natural nutrients and helps to stimulate the all-important populations of beneficial microbes and earthworms in the soil, as well as adding more organic matter.
  3. Give your soil a head-start

    Use organically derived liquid soil improvers. A bio-fertiliser or seaweed extracts are ideal for both garden and lawn soil health. If you have a worm farm you can apply the worm-tea from it or you may want to explore the area of making ‘compost tea’.

Employ these tips and you will be rewarded with a beautiful, healthy garden that will provide bountiful blossoms, green, green grass, aromatic herbs and delicious veggies for all the family to enjoy.

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