Top Tips for Arranging Flowers

Read these expert tips to ensure your flower arranging is on point!

We spoke to the professionals at BloomboxCo to find out how you can start arranging your own floral features: 

1. Choosing a colour

If you're starting out and not sure what colours clash and which are more cohesive, stick with a colour family, such as all warm tones, all cool tones, pastel colours, or all shades of white with a touch of green for a classic arrangement.

2. Find feature flowers

These are the hero flowers that are the star of the show. Think chubby roses, big brash natives like Waratahs or Protea's, or chic hydrangeas. Let your feature flower stand out by not adding flowers that are too similar and leaving a bit of room around them.

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3. Fill up on fillers

Fillers are sometimes seen as the boring bits of an arrangement, but they add movement and texture. Think berries (hypericum, privet or ivy), smaller flower heads like carnations, waxflowers, Emile or fluffy foliage elements, like Viburnum, Gumnuts or Ferns. Play with at least two or three varieties to create interesting textural elements.

4. Go with greenery

Do not underestimate the power of greenery! Not only does it create a lush base for any flower arrangement, but it can also be equally chic displayed on its own. Depending on the look you’re going for, use one to three types of foliage such as ivy, umbrella ferns, and Congo leaves. Start your arrangement by ‘interlocking’ opposing stems in your vase to create a grid that will support your other botanicals.

5. Be a visionary with vases

Once you’ve picked your flowers you need something to put them in but why stick to a vase? Get creative and use teapots or teacups, old tins with a lick of spray paint, throw your flowers into an old bottle or jar, hang them on a hook or pop them in a basket or a hollowed out coconut.

6. Play tricks

If you are using a unique vessel, you may need a little help getting your creation to stay in place. Floral foam can be easily sourced from craft shops and online, and is a versatile way to arrange trickier arrangements like floral chandeliers or headpieces. Before using, soak the foam in a container or a clean sink filled with water. Allow it to soak up the water, then cut to size once wet. Cut your stems at a sharp angle to cleanly and easily puncture the foam.

7. Get tricky with sticky

Don’t have floral foam? The ultimate cheat tip is to use good old sticky tape to keep your flowers in place. Using lengths of tape, create a secure grid over the mouth of the vase and push stems through the holes in the grid. Just make sure you fill the vase with water before you start assembling.

8. Cluster up!

Arrangements don’t need to be evenly spaced out. Play with layers and heights and cluster groups of the same flowers together to create focal points that are easy to the eye. In fact, clustering blooms can make an arrangement look fuller and more abundant.

9. Arrange outside the box

If the reality of your arrangement doesn’t match the vision, try arranging your blooms before putting them into your vase. Firstly, prepare by stripping all your flower stems and foliage. Create a posy by placing your first stem across your palm (with the flower head between your thumb and index finger), and add stem by stem, layering and rotating your posy as you go before tying it off when complete. Finally, place the posy in the vase after trimming the stems a little shorter than the height of your chosen vase.

10. Be water wise

Once you’ve created a beautiful arrangement, you’ll want to keep it thriving for longer. The golden rule is to never leave foliage below the water line. Leaves sitting in water begin to decay very quickly, encouraging bacterial growth that as well as just being gross can cause blockages and affect your flowers ability to hydrate. 

Similarly, make sure you change the water regularly, trimming the stems a couple of centimetres each time. You wouldn’t want to drink murky brown water, and your flowers don’t either. 

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