Suburban Garden Planting

In the suburban garden planting scheme, Brendan has been influenced by a landscaping project at nearby Tempe Reserve where a lot of reeds and sedges have been incorporated into the design. The local suburb 'Kogarah' is the aboriginal name for 'place of reeds' and therefore implementing reeds and sedges into the design gives this garden a real sense of place. But reeds and sedges aren't just chosen for their durability and hardiness, they are mainly chosen for their form. Their straight upright linear form is what Brendan is looking for in his planting scheme to compliment the modernist feel of the garden. These reeds are quite versatile as they grow naturally on the river's edge, but manage to survive very well with lack of water.

Also Brendan has been inspired by the tough as old boots grasses that you find on freeways and reinterprets these into the contemporary design. Even though they are very graphic in form they give a bit of softness to the hard edged design of the garden and will be planted randomly around the garden in order to give the scheme a bit of a looser feel.

The main plants used in the garden include, Isolepsos nodosa, Juncus usitatus and Juncus kraussii. Isolepsis Nodosa (knobby clubrush) is a fast growing perennial plant forms clumps of upright often arching, dark green stems. Brownish globular flower heads are produced through the year. A tough hardy Australian plant which thrives in full sun in a range of soils. Juncus Usitatus (common rush) is a native species that can be found along the edges of major rivers, streams, and wetlands. Is a useful plant as it provides competition to less desirable plants. Leaves are shiny but can be flat or round, flowers, and seed is plentiful. Juncus Kraussii (sea rush) grows by the sea and is a lot hardier than common rush.

Other plants used include:

  • Alpinia caerulea 'red back'

  • Black bamboo

  • Succulents

  • Agave el mirador

  • Asplenium australasicm

  • Blechnum silver lady

  • Dietes robinsoniana

  • Lomandra tankia

  • Variegated mondo grass


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