Spring Seasonal Tips from Plants Plus

Discover the joy of your garden with these Spring Seasonal Tips from Plants Plus.


  • Seedlings of lettuce, endive, rocket and Asian greens.

  • Choose spring flowering shrubs in bloom.

  • Fill pots and hanging baskets with colourful annuals


  • Protect seedlings with Multiguard Snail and Slug Killer

  • Feed spring bulbs after flowering

  • Control rose pests and diseases with Yates Rose Gun


  • Tidy up frost damaged plants Tidy up frost damaged plants

  • Shrubs like lilac, kerria, forsythia and philadelphus after flowering

  • Wisteria late spring after flowering – follow up in summer

New South Wales

  • Seeds of cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin and watermelon

  • Shrubs and perennials to establish before summer

  • Seedlings of zinnia, cosmos, petunias & begonias


  • Treat dry soils with Debco SaturAid to absorb moisture

  • Mulch fruiting trees and vines well

  • Fertilize lawns with Plants Plus Lawn Food


  • Camellias and Azaleas to shape after flowering

  • Fuchsia, geranium and pelargonium by half

  • Winter flowering natives to keep them tidy and compact

South Australia

  • Basil, oregano, thyme and mint

  • Citrus into free draining mounds of compost enriched soil

  • Sow Sturt’s Desert Pea, portulaca and Mexican sunflower


  • Water new plants with Seasol & Powerfeed

  • Fertilise spring flowering plants with potash for a terrific show

  • Rejuvenate established lawns with Weed and Feed


  • Tree Dahlias to around knee high Tree Dahlias to around knee high

  • Deadhead roses for a continuous succession of flowers

  • Diseased or damaged fern fronds down to ground level


  • Seeds of sweet corn, rosella, squash and beans.

  • Lawn seed to establish new or patch existing lawns

  • Seedlings of celosia, marigold and amaranthus


  • Feed gardenias and spray scale with Yates Confi dor

  • Mulch garden beds well after spring rain

  • Divide and re-pot Cymbidium orchids in orchid mix


  • Hibiscus early for better spring/summer blooms

  • Poinsettias hard then tip prune to encourage bushiness

  • Passionfruit vines – fruit will form on new growth

Western Australia

  • Seedlings of tomato, eggplant, capsicum and chilli

  • Gladioli bulbs early for a super Christmas display

  • Seedlings of ageratum, strawflower, coreopsis and salvia


  • Fertilize roses with Rose Food

  • Prepare soils for planting with Plants Plus Moo Poo

  • Re-pot container plants with Plants Plus Terracotta and Tub Mix


  • Trim annuals when shabby to Trim annuals when shabby to keep them blooming

  • Shape grevillea, boronia and Geraldton wax after flowering

  • Clip and renovate hedges and topiary


  • Artichoke, rhubarb, celery, Artichoke, rhubarb, celery, cabbage, beetroot, onion and English spinach

  • Peonies in pre-limed soil

  • Perennials like delphinium, aquilegia, campanula, hollyhocks, foxgloves and pentstemon


  • Top up veggie patch with a good quality compost

  • Lift bulbs after leaves die down

  • Spring feed garden beds with Plants Plus Blood and Bone


  • Ornamental blossom trees after flowering

  • Daphne, japonica chaenomeles rhododendrons and kalmia after flowering

  • Climbing and shrub roses that flower once a year

For more gardening inspiration go to http://www.plantsplus.com.au

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