Plants that will Withstand your Black Thumb

Not all of us have been blessed with a green thumb and a passion for gardening. Many of us may love having plants growing in and outside the house, but don't quite have the magic touch required to tend them to good health.

If you want to get things growing but are afraid your black thumb will ruin your garden, take a look at this list of plants that are practically unkillable.

Jade Plant

Not only do Jade plants look fantastic with their treelike growing effect, but because they are succulents they tend to only require a weekly watering as they hold hydration in their leaves. They work well in Australia's warm environment and while they can grow well in the shade, they thrive in sunlight. If exposed to too much sun they can get sunburnt, however, so keep this in mind when you add them to your home.


Known as Mother-In-Law's tongue, Sansevieria is well regarded as an indestructible house plant due to its ability to survive in both bright light and shadowy spots. It's modern, geometric and sculptural, requires no fertilisation and works well in a pot. Take care not to over-water this plant, however, as wet soil can make it develop root rot. This means you only need to water it once a month, which is fantastic for those who find themselves forgetting to tend to their plants.

If you do discover root rot in the Sansevieria, remove all leaves displaying the symptoms and repot the healthy ones into fresh soil.

Spider plant

The spider plant is a member of the lily family that reproduces blooming rosettes at the top of stems. Its invasive root system means it may be best suited to being planted in a flower pot on the patio.

It prefers dry soil in between watering, tolerates dim light and flourishes in sunlight. Be careful not to expose it to too much direct light, however, as it will burn.

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