Must-Have House Plants for Gardeners with a “Black Thumb”

Only a select few individuals can grow anything, while the rest of the population has to struggle to keep even the hardiest of plants alive.

People who are unable to sustain a simple plant and keep it alive for long periods of time are often referred to as having black thumbs.

There are a few must-have house plants for gardeners with a black thumb, and here are a few examples.

Option #1: Corn Stalk Plant

The cornstalk plant is a hardy plant that almost anyone can grow, care for, and enjoy for years to come. Its botanical name is ‘Dracaena Fragrans massangeana’, and it is a man-made hybrid plant that is not found native anywhere in the world. Most cornstalk plants can grow up to twenty feet tall after a few years.

While the cornstalk plant does flower when the plant gets chilled, they are not pleasant blooms and should be removed as soon as possible to protect the plant. The cornstalk plant thrives in a typical household environment and does not need any special temperatures or humidity levels.

Pests to watch out for are the mealy bug or spider mites, and the plant should be kept out of direct sunlight and grown in a room with filtered or partial sun.

Option #2: Cactus

There are many different varieties of cactus plants, with basketball, Turk’s cap, Christmas, and carrion being the most popular. Cacti are very easy to care for and are used to living in hot, dry environments, so they are best suited to life on a sunny windowsill with minimal watering, typically once a month. These plants require a coarse soil made specifically for potted cactus as well as cacti-specific fertilizer.

Instead of watering a cactus using the typical water-to-soil method, it is best to water it by placing the whole pot into a shallow dish of water and removing the water after an hour or two at most.

The cactus will soak up the amount of water that it needs, and then you can simply dump the rest to avoid over-watering. When repotting or moving the plant, it is best to use tongs or several pieces of newspaper to prevent injury or damage.

However, if a cactus needle does get stuck in your finger, simply place a piece of strong tape across it, then gently lift and the needle will come out in most cases.

Option #3: Dracaena

Dracaena requires minimal care and comes from a Greek word meaning female dragon, but this plant is best known for being proven to assist in removing the chemical formaldehyde from the air.

Dracaena comes in different forms, such as canes, arborea, and marginata, with a total of over forty different species to choose from. They have become one of the most popular houseplants today for black thumb gardeners.

Dracaena plants need minimal water and should be placed in indirect sunlight, such as a bedroom corner, and keep in mind that they can develop stem and root rot if given too much water. regularly features articles by Alyssa Davis on decorating with eagle metal wall art and sunburst metal wall hangings.

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Hi, I have lots of cactus's in a pots. They all over my garden and I don't know what to do sa they look nice and tidy. Any idea?