Top indoor plants that beat the heat

We love our indoor plants, but sometimes the heat of summer can get to them.

Indoor plants not only aesthetically enhance our homes, they purify the air and give us a sense of wellbeing. 

So, what are the best plants that are good for our homes and that can survive the summer months? Whether it’s humidity battlers or greenery that can withstand a dry heat, Andrew Blake, founder of Ecohouz, shares the best plants to live through an Aussie summer.

Jade plant

Andrew says that succulents are one of the simplest plants to grow indoors.

“They especially do well on window sills and in bright rooms,” he says.

So, for hot summers, the Jade plant fits the bill. “It’s an easy care succulent that will thrive in a hot environment,” Andrew details. “In some cultures, it’s considered a good-luck plant.”

The great thing about this plant is that it’s easy to grow and only needs watering once a week.

Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy is another low-maintenance indoor plant that will survive the summer heat.

“It is almost indestructible and only needs minimal attention,” Andrew says. “The leaves have air-purifying abilities and they will also grow just in water and some stones as a base.”

Mother-in-law’s Tongue

If you’re not a green thumb but want some plant life in your house this summer, this one might be for you.

“Mother-in-law’s Tongue thrives on neglect,” Andrew states. “It’s very trendy at the moment and will grow indoors happily in almost any temperature.”

Andrew says that this plant can be placed anywhere indoors, but it does prefer bright light.

Aloe Vera

While many varieties of cacti perform well indoors in the heat, Aloe Vera is particularly great at adapting to different environments.

“It has sculptural leaves with wound healing capabilities and looks good potted up. It however, prefers direct sunlight,” Andrew advises.

So, instead of watching your indoor plants wilt before your very eyes in the summer heat, try introducing some of these species and watch your space flourish.

“The above are the simplest easy care plants to grow indoors that will adapt well to our hot summers. In fact they will thrive given a tiny bit of care and watering,” Andrew says.

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