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How to Use Deco Granite for Paths and Driveways

There are a number of materials we can use for paths and driveways, but one of the most cost-effective is deco granite. Charlie Albone shows us how to get the mix right.

Looking for a great solution for your paths and driveways - consider deco granite! Here are my expert DIY tips: 

- It's cheaper than concrete and if you're laying a big area, like a drive, it can save you a chunk of money.

- Deco Granite comes in pink, brown or gold and is relatively easy to use.

- Simply mark the area where you want the path to go and dig it out to about 100mm.

- I’m going to stabilize the granite by adding a 5 per cent mix of white cement. That’s about 1 bag of cement per tonne of deco granite.

- If you’re doing a driveway – then double that by 10 per cent or 2 bags of cement to a tonne of granite.

- It's important to get the mix right - if you use too much cement the finished surface will be chalky - not enough and it won't set properly.

- If you’re using bricks to create an edge like I am here – this is the time to lay them.

- Put the granite into the dug out area and level it off with a rake.

- Because the mix is quite dusty I’m going to give it a light mist with water.

- It’s vital not to soak the granite as this will cause the cement to rise to the surface and create a hard layer.

- Hammer down the path with a plate compactor until you get it nice and level.

- Give the path a quick brush with a boom to get rid of any excess water or bits of cement and leave to dry for around 1 to 2 days.

- One of the things I like best about deco granite is it's a porous - so, if you've done the job properly, water simply drains off the surface.

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Posted by Alex759Report
Great article! Thank you for the tips. I prefer brown granite, as it is neutral and combines really nice with the surrounding, but for some specific landscapes gold can look even better. Mixing with a cement for the driveway is very helpful information. Thanks again. Also, check out this amazing landscaping resource that helped me to do my own yard and save tons of money:
Posted by Victoria604Report
Always interesting to hear what sort of materials can be used to make a pathway!