How to remove weeds without chemicals

Get your garden weed free for spring with our guide to identifying weeds and removing them safely.

When it comes to removing weeds from your lawn, prevention is better than cure. Weeds come in all shapes and sizes, and vary from grass-type weeds to broad-leaf ones.

For a top-notch, weed-free lawn, your best option is to identify any problems early and act fast on removal, explains Joe Rogers, Technical Manager for Lawn Solutions Australia.

Joe Rogers

For all weed types, you can try the below:

1. Mowing your lawn regularly is the best way to prevent weeds from growing after setting seed in your lawn. Even the best-kept lawns will have weeds blown-in or dropped from birds. Sometimes they even come into contact with your lawn from shoes and clothing.

2. Dig them out by hand when they’re young, small and easy to remove. Once weeds are larger, it’s harder to remove them as they are deeply rooted into the ground. If the weed releases seeds, they can then spread all over your lawn and garden.

3. Small weeds can be carefully pulled out by hand. Just make sure you’ve removed the roots. Use a weeding trowel to dig around the roots and ensure total removal. The bigger the weed, the stronger the roots.

4. Mowing will keep most weeds in check, however it needs to be done before weeds take hold. Set your mower to a ‘high mow’ setting to keep any weeds from seeding and to take just the grass-leaf top and seed-head of the weed.

If you do decide to use herbicides, remember that cooler weather is a good time as your lawn is dormant and weeds are not. It won’t damage your lawn.

Weeds to look out for include:

Cudweed: flat and shiny with mid-green leaves in a rosette shape.

Dandelion: solitary yellow daisy-like flower on hollow stems

Bindii: finely dissected, small fern-like leaves that are light-green in colour (and painful on bare feet!)

Creeping Oxalis: small, light green, clover-like leaves on short petioles with small yellow flowers

Clover: green, clover-shaped weeds with circular markings on thin stems and small white flowers

Lawn care doesn’t need to be difficult. A few simple things can help bring your lawn back from the start of a weed take-over, and set you up for fantastic-looking lawn come spring!

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