How to make a Kokedama hanging planter

These Japanese planters are fast becoming the latest trend in home decor.

Whether you're in a small apartment or a family home, Kokedamas are the perfect way to bring a touch of greenery into the home, without taking up any extra floor space.

The structure of the Japanese design makes these plants easy to manage and maintain, only needing a Seasol and water soak every month or a water mist spray every few days. While this Kokedama is made with Mondo grass and Macho fern, other small, indoor plants can also be a great solution. 

To find out how to make your own green addition to the home, follow the simple steps below. 

What you’ll need:

- Small indoor plants
- Sphagnum Moss
- Bonsai soil
- Peat moss
- Clay soil
- Bucket of water
- Jute twine
- Seasol (Liquid Seaweed)
- Scissors

Step one

To start making your string garden, first soak the Sphagnum moss in a bucket of water. Make sure to keep the moss wet and moist throughout the making of the moss ball. To help with the transplant, soak the roots of your chosen plants into a liquid seaweed solution beforehand.

Step two

Mix 3 cups of clay soil, 2 cups of bonsai soil, 1 cup peat moss and enough water to soak and combine the soils together. Once mixed use your hands to start rolling the soil into spheres.

Step three

After rolling your soil mix into balls, part down the middle and plant the root system of the plant into the centre of the ball. Allow the leaves of the plant to poke through the top. Roll soil around the plant to create a sphere shape again.

Step four

Lightly squeeze the water from the Sphagnum moss, but keep wet. Start wrapping it around your Kokedama, making sure the soil ball is completely covered.

Step five

To secure the moss, use Jute twine to wrap around the top, middle and bottom of the moss ball. This does not have to look to perfect, just make sure it feels secure for hanging. Allow an extra length of twine to hang the Kokedama. Depending on your chosen plant, choose a spot in the house where the plant will strive and enjoy! 

Styling tip: Hang a few together at different lengths and heights to create a sophisticated and cool design. 

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