How To Lay Your Own Turf

It doesn’t take much to ensure your lawn or grassed area looks its best year-round. Spring is the best time to do an annual health check on your existing lawn, but new turf can be laid in all seasons.

Lawn installation

1. When choosing new turf, consider how it will be used and choose a type that suits the climate and level of maintenance you’re prepared to give
2. This is a job not to be tackled lightly; for best results, talk to an expert about the right laying method


1. Early in the season, warm season lawns (Buffalo, Kikuyu, Couch) require only a light trimming of grass leaf-tips. Heavy mowing can leave you with a brown lawn for a few weeks.
2. For cool season grasses (Fescue) allow the grass to grow to approximately 2.5cm to let the light and warmth penetrate the root zone and reduce moisture loss.
3. Spring is also a great time to get your mower serviced and blades sharpened or replaced to prepare for more frequent mowing in summer.


1. Soil compaction, caused by heavy use by people and vehicles, can make a lawn unhealthy and prone to weeds.
2. If you can’t insert a garden fork into the soil to half way down the tines, the lawn is compacted.
3. For small lawns, work the garden fork back and forth at 10cm intervals to open up the soil. On larger lawns it may be worthwhile using a coring or aerating machine (available for hire) to do the job quickly and thoroughly.


1. Most types of grasses grow slowly in winter, giving weeds, such as dandelion, clover, cat’s ear and bindii, the opportunity to grow strongly.
2. If you only have a few weeds, it’s easy to dig them out by hand. For more severe weed problems, talk to a gardening centre for weed control options.


1. Light, slow-release fertiliser at the start of spring gives best colour and helps your lawn reach its peak.
2. Spread fertiliser evenly and follow up with a good, deep watering.

Talk to your turf grower for expert advice on how to choose and care for the right type of grass for you, or visit

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