5 fail-proof tips to make your indoor plants thrive

Keeping your indoor plants alive has never been easier.

Having some greenery in your home is a nice touch, but keeping your plants healthy can be harder than it sounds.

Here, Meredith Kirton from Gro Urban Oasis plant pro shares her top five tips for keeping your plant babies growing. 

Keep it green and clean

Meredith says to wipe leaves down regularly with a moist cloth to keep dust from blocking the plant's breathing holes and keeps leaves shiny.


"Plants generally hate to sit in water, so pop some pebbles under them to keep the drainage holes from being submerged," Meredith suggests.

Spa treatment

Indulge your plants by giving them a shower, Meredith says. "Do this every few months and soak in a shallow bath (or sink) every week of you can," she adds. 

Tidy up

Don't ignore those brown leaves any longer!

"Remove old leaves and damaged growth, and any pests or disease you see as soon as they appear," Meredith advises. "Plant hygiene will keep them thriving."


Not all plants need the same amount of light, so make sure their location matches their growing conditions.

"Flowering plants generally like a bright spot where as large leafed foliage plants can usually copy with darker positions," she tells. 

Top ten indoor plants according to Gro Urban Oasis:

1. Monstera
2. Peace Lily
3. Kokedamas
4. Zanzibar Gem
5. Pothos Devils Ivy
6. Fiddle Leaf Fig
7. Boston Fern
8. Ficus Elastica
9. Rhipsalis
10. Moth Orchid

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