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Bryce and Emily live together in a fun-filled share house, where they use their backyard for growing their own produce and hosting laid back picnics and drinks with friends. This eco-chic group is passionate about getting back to nature and inviting wildlife into their garden but need some extra help to make better use of their outdoor space. Charlie and Juliet give the group some creative and inspiring options to make better use of their outdoor space including an organic veggie patch so they can serve up their own produce at their next party, along with a fire pit to cook their own food.

The Garden

Tips and Tricks on Clearing and Weeding:

• Clearing and weeding is the first thing to do when making over your garden. Get your friends and family round to help out with a large space and get stuck in together!
• Get rid of weeds by spraying Yates Zero Rapid weed killer. It works quickly and won’t leave residues in the soil.
• Continuous weeding will ensure your garden will be kept weed free and well maintained all year round. For paths and pavers, use a Yates Zero Weeding Brush filled with Yates Glyphosate Weedkiller (concentrate), mixed at the appropriate strength. This spot application avoids weedspray drifting onto surrounding areas.

Tips and tricks on getting the most out of your vegie patch:

• Plant your vegie patch in an area that receives a lot of sunlight – at least 6 hours a day
• If you have the space in your backyard, create two vegetable gardens – one for seeds and seedlings and the other for more mature plants.
• Build a border around the vegie patch using recycled sleepers. This helps raise the soil level of the vegie patch, ensuring the seedlings have adequate drainage.
• Always keep in mind the ideal seasons to sow and pick your vegetables. That way you’ll always have fresh produce.
• Enrich the existing soil with some Yates Dynamic Lifter before topping up with fresh soil and mixing it all together thoroughly.
• Organise and structure your vegie patch in neat rows to maximise space and increase produce. This includes having bigger plants towards the back and smaller ones at the front to give all plants the adequate room to grow and breathe – and make it more manageable for you! Just make sure the tall plants aren’t blocking the sunlight.
• Plant seeds into damp soil and keep moist whilst they’re germinating.
• Plant seeds in long deep furrows, cover with soil and pat down gently.
• Corn seeds should be planted in pairs.
• Plant marigolds in your vegie patch – they act as a great pest deterrent.
• Water the seeds or seedlings immediately with Yates Nature’s Way Seaweed Booster - this encourages healthy growth.
• Sprinkle some Yates Blood & Bone Professional to make sure vegies grow strong and healthy. This supplies nitrogen for healthy leaf growth, phosphorus for strong root development and added potash for production.
• Sprinkle Blitzem Snail & Slug pellets over your vegie patch to protect from these pests.
• Control leaf-eating grubs with Yates Nature’s Way Caterpillar Killer Dipel which is low in toxins and contains a naturally-occurring bacteria. This means you can wash and eat your herbs and vegies straight away.
• Feed your vegies every couple of weeks with Yates Thrive All Purpose Soluble plant food for rapid growth and remember to remove crowded seedlings so that the plants have room to grow.
• Don’t be scared to experiment a variety of vegies... Select your favourite vegies and learn how best to care for them as they grow.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of your ornamental plant bed:

• Raise the plant beds to provide good drainage and to show off your new plants.
• Before planting, dig the soil to aerate and help de-compact it.
• Enrich the soil with organic goodness by adding some Yates Dynamic Lifter.
• When placing plants into the ground, dig a hole twice as wide as the pot and only just as deep. This will encourage the roots to grow into the surrounding soil and give the plant stability in the beginning.
• Place the plant in the hole and firm the soil back around it.
• Drench the area with water and Yates Nature’s Way Seaweed Booster to help get the roots growing out into the surrounding soil.
• When the planting is done, layer over the top of the soil with mulch to help hold moisture in the soil and keep weeds at bay. And here’s an extra tip: feeding with Yates Nature’s Way Fish Emulsion will aid fruit and flower growth.
• Fertilise with Yates Acticote Pots, Planters & Garden Beds, which has a 12-month controlled release fertiliser and added instant booster for fast and long term results, however if you have planted natives use Yates Acticote for Natives.

Tips and tricks on keeping your grass happy:

• Grass needs nutrients just like any other plants, so fertilise with Yates Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Lawns at least twice a year to help encourage healthy grass growth. Yates Dynamic Lifter Advanced for Lawns combines rich, composted chicken manure along with extra nutrients for quick and long term feeding.
• Water regularly – a good watering once a week will keep your turf adequately drenched. Add a wetting agent, such as Yates Waterwise Soil Saturator if your soil repels water.
• If weeds start to invade, do an easy clean up with Yates Weed ‘n’ Feed granular, which kills the weeds and greens the lawn.

Making your own harvest chart:

A harvest chart is a perfect way to keep track of all of the vegies in your garden, including when to sow and harvest them.

• Take a piece of external plywood and paint with rust paint which contains metal fibres. Overtime, this will go rusty giving the wood a rustic look and feel.
• Frame the plywood with corten steel which, like the rust paint, rusts over time on the outside, but stays protected on the inside.
• Use artists wax crayons write the seasons and months across the top of the wood and the names of all of your vegies down one side. Mark off along each of the months where you need to sow and harvest each in order to help keep track of your vegie patch.
• N.B – you don’t have to create a large harvest chart as on the show, it can easily be a small one, written on card or paper to hang in the kitchen or stick on the fridge.

The Party

Creating the perfect ‘fresh from the garden’ party:

To complement the ‘Fresh from the Garden’ theme, why not throw a garden party incorporating all things fresh, rustic and native, inspired by the invigorated garden and the transformed vegie patch

• Have your guests bring something grown from their own garden and host a vegie swap.
• Make the most of the barbecue and experiment by char grilling vegies and using herbs throughout the menu.
• Use recycled tree stumps as seats for the perfect relaxed and laid back setting.

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