Garden Art

Anthony and Louise's garden is a space where conceptual and artistic elements sit comfortably in the natural landscape surrounding it. In this story we see how Brendan has made some of the artistic elements:

Wire Balls
We made two different sized wire balls, 900mm diametre and 500mm diametre.

Project Materials:

  • Fencing wire (thick enough and strong enough to hold its own shape and weight)

  • Tie wire - to hold fencing wire in place

  • Fencing tool - to cut wire

  • Pliers

  1. Bend a length of fencing wire to make the circumference, of the sphere, allow at least 400mm for overlapping, and use tie wire to hold in place.

  2. Continue this process by layering the rings of fencing wire in different directions, and tying in place, until you are happy with the density of the sphere.

Frankenstein Trees

We made 5 x 3m tall trees (includes 1m into ground)

Project Materials

  • 5 x 6m x 10mm Reo Rod

  • Galvanised Nuts (must fit snugly on reo rod)

  • 20 logs, random lengths, 100-300mm diam

  • Welding equipment

  • Grinder to cut reo bar

  • 220mm drill bit - to drill hole through logs

  • Circular saw - to cut logs to length

  • Safety gear - goggles, gloves, welders mask

  1. Shape reo bar. We used a metal bending machine. This could also be done by a sheet metal worker.

  2. Cut logs to size, drill holes through logs and thread log onto reo rod, followed by a nut.

  3. Once you are happy with the placement of your logs, weld the nut to the reo rod. Apply paint to stop the welded joint from rusting. When the tree is upright the nut will stop the log from sliding down.

  4. Notes
    • Drill bit must be slightly larger than reo rod.

    • Nut must be snug enough to fit on reo rod but thick enough to support log.

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