Deck Chair

How to make your own deck chair.


  • Wood (pine or similar)

  • Electric drill

  • Jigsaw

  • Measuring tape or ruler

  • Set square

  • Hand plane

  • Hand saw or electric saw

  • 90mm coarse-thread wood screws

  • 4 x furniture connectors

  • 2 x bolts

  • 4 x washers

  • 2 x regular nuts

  • 2 x locking nuts

  • Electric sander and sandpaper

  • Exterior varnish


  1. Mark 170m on each leg for the placement of the bottom rail and 380mm for the seat rail and one at the end for the top rail.

  2. Position the rails in the centre of the leg rail at marks and mark 90mm from the side of the rail. Repeat this process for the other side-frame assembly.

  3. Lay the side-frame out on the bench and position the rails at the pencil marks, using 9mm packers to hold them in position. Clamp in place ready for drilling and screwing

  4. After checking that the frame is square, fasten the top and bottom rails with 90mm coarse-thread grabbers. Use a stronger furniture connector to fasten the centre rail.

  5. Follow the same procedure for the other side of the frame.

  6. Position back rails at 100mm and 340mm along the side frame.

  7. Clamp the two sides and back together, drill and screw with two screws top and bottom at either side.

  8. Remove the top rails and position seat slats using a 10mm packer to space them apart. Drill into place and replace the top rails.

  9. Screw arm rests to top of 2 side sections, leaving a 100mm overhang at the rear and 150mm at the front.

  10. Using a ruler or straight edged piece of wood as a guide, draw a line on top of the hand-rail, tapering in from 60mm wide at the rear to full width at the front.

  11. Draw a round shape at the corners of the front of the handrail, using a can or similar as a guide.

  12. Cut along the line with a jigsaw and clean the edges with a hand plane and sandpaper.

  13. Turn chair upside down and fasten a cross-rail to the underside, screwing in place one either side.

  14. Place two back support rails on bench and position back slats along, spaced 30mm apart. Screw top and bottom slats with two screws.

  15. Mark a centre point on each side of back section and drill through a 7mm bolthole. Drill the same through the armrests 100mm from the rear.

  16. Unscrew the back two screw from the armrest and swing aside to position the backrest.

  17. Place a bolt through the armrest bolthole followed by a washer. Thread through the backrest bolthole. Finish with another washer and then a nut to hold in place. Finish with a locking nut. Repeat on the other side.

  18. Replace screws in rear of armrest securing it in place.

  19. Lightly sand the chair and coat several times with exterior varnish.

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