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10 Honey & Bee Facts

There is nothing better than a good dollop of honey on your toast in the morning or perhaps a teaspoon in your herbal tea?

 It’s no secret that honeybees play a vital role not only in the successful production of pure honey but also in pollinating flowering plants.

Matt Moran not only conquers his fear of bees during his visit to Walkabout Apiaries but he also leant quite a lot about these fascinating insects – here are a few more interesting facts;

  1. The most common bee used in the commercial production of honey is known as the European Honey Bee (Apis Mellifera)
  2. Each hive holds around 30000 bees which is made up of a single queen bee, drone bees (male) and worker bees (female) and can produce up to 100 kilograms of honey per year
  3. Queen bees originate from the same larvae as the worker bees but what sets them apart is that the queens are fed a diet of royal jelly for their entire life whereas the worker and drone bees feed on pollen, nectar and honey.
  4. Royal Jelly is a substance that is secreted from the glands of a worker bee and is believed to be responsible for the queen bee’s rapid and superior development.
  5. All of the queen bees from Walkabout Apiaries originate from Italy
  6. The lifespan of a worker bee is around 8 weeks so it’s up to the queen bee to lay as many eggs as possible (about 1500 per day) to ensure the health and longevity of the hive
  7. When the queen bee is deemed to be too old or is injured she is swiftly killed by the workers and an alternate queen is reared.
  8. All Walkabout Apiaries’ hives can be found scattered around the area, be it private property, crown land, national park – wherever the particular flowering species of trees are that they want to produce honey from  are found
  9. They produces 8 different types of honey; blue gum, red gum, stringy bark, iron bark, orange blossom, white clove, snow gum and alpine ash.

For more information contact Walkabout Apiaries on (03) 5727 3468

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