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Do you want to co-host Selling Houses Australia?  Here's your chance!

Do you want to co-host Selling Houses Australia? Here's your chance!

This could be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of the award-winning Selling Houses Australia family.

Charlie Albone: 'I'm leaving Selling Houses Australia'

2 minute read

Selling Houses Australia is bidding farewell to one of the show's original line-up - Charlie Albone.

How to grow aloe vera

3 minute read

Aloe Vera has many benefits

This clever pot will tell you when your plant is dying

2 minute read

Ever wished your plant could talk? Well, now it can tell you how it feels. Sort of.

Charlie Albone’s simple ways to practise eco-gardening

4 minute read

Sustainable gardening is the way of the future.

How to care for your lawn during a drought

5 minute read

As level 1 water restrictions hit Sydney, here's how to care for your lawn while cutting down on water consumption.

Orchid growing for beginners: A complete guide

3 minute read

Everything you need to know about starting an Orchid garden indoors or outdoors.

Charlie's Garden: Killer Calyx

1 minute read

If you’ve always wondered how a Venus Flytrap works, this one is for you.

Charlie Albone talks gardening trends

4 minute read

Find out what's du jour in the world of gardening.

A guide to using reclaimed wood

5 minute read

If you are considering using reclaimed wood for your next project, read our guide first.

Charlie's Garden: Fantastic Fernery

1 minute read

Charlie Albone explains the best ways to help ferns flourish.