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Land-Based Fishing For Bream

Land-Based Fishing For Bream

Dick Lewers from Modern Fishing Magazine helps you catch a beauty from the shore.

Review Berkley Venom Rods

5 minute read

Find out about the rod series which recently won the Best Rod Award at the annual Australian Fishing Tackle Association trade show.

Riding Sea-Doos In The Sea

2 minute read

It’s scary when you’re up the creek - or out to sea - without a paddle...

Is Australia Really Running Out Of Fish?

2 minute read

Why 90 per cent of stats are misleading when it comes to fish stock depletion.

The North Coast Fishing Bonanza

2 minute read

The new tournaments reflecting our changing ways.

Gulf Oil Spill Aftermath

1 minute read

Is BP making a killing?

What's in a Squid Jig?

2 minute read

'Squiding' has finally started to make its mark with the Australian angling fraternity and it’s about time! Squid are great fun to catch, you don’t need a boat, it’s something the whole family can do and at the end of it all you get a great feed!!

Hard Bait Trouting

3 minute read

How to catch the perfect trout.

Fishing In New Zealand's South Island

7 minute read

See why New Zealand’s south is an angler’s paradise.

Fishing tips for New Zealand's Stunning South Island

2 minute read

Nick Janzen offers some fabulous tips for a successful South Island fishing expedition.

Best Beach Baits

3 minute read

When the best beach baits aren’t what lives in the wave-washed sand.