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Has our obsession with perfect fruit and veg gone too far?
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Has our obsession with perfect fruit and veg gone too far?

Supermarkets currently have standards that dictate what their fruit and veg should look like before it hits the shelves. Is it creating unnecessary food waste?

Paul West Talks Family, Books and Barbecuing

Paul West revealed a few secrets about himself in the podcast Can’t Live Without, with host Melinda Buttle.

Meet an Oyster Farmer

Learn about oyster farming from a NSW specialist, Shane Buckley.

What Does a Farm Manager Do?

Meet Darcy Hoyer - a farm manager from the Tilba.

Life on the Farm with Paul West

Take a look at what life is like on the farm for Paul West and his farmhand Harrison!

The Basics of Welding

For someone looking give welding a try, this is one of the oldest, most versatile processes around, and one of the cheapest to start out with as there isn’t a lot of equipment needed.

Sustainable Farming with Michael Hulse

Michael Hulse and his wife Wendy are market gardeners on 40 hectares of land, along the Deua River, west of Moruya. Here he shares his knowledge about sustainable farming.

What To Feed Your Farm Animals

Feeding your animals a complete and balanced diet is essential if they are to stay healthy and lay a lot of eggs or provide fresh milk for you and your family! Paul West shares his expert tips.

Wool Production in the Bega Valley

Find out more about wool farming in the Bega Valley with passionate producer and supplier, Tabitha Zarins, from Tabandy Farm in Candelo.

Dairy Farming in Tilba

Find out more about Dairy Farming in the Tilba region with Nic Dibden.

Behind The Scenes of Series 3 with Paul West!

From a busy kitchen to a rural farm, Paul West had his work cut out for him at River Cottage – and the challenges aren’t over yet