Alex Perry answers our biggest fashion care questions
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Alex Perry answers our biggest fashion care questions

When to dry clean, fabrics to avoid, best washing tips and more ways to get a longer-lasting wardrobe.

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This lovely bag is a stylish and practical idea for Mum that's super quick and easy to make. Follow these simple steps for the perfect Mother's Day gift.

How to Wear White by Alex Perry

Esteemed fashion designer Alex Perry is encouraging people to wear white with confidence this season. Follow his top tips on how to effortlessly pull off the trend this summer.

Your Ultimate Guide to Storing Clothes

If your wardrobe is a mould magnet and your delicates are covered in moth holes, then it's time to get schooled on the delicate art of storing clothes. Here are the expert tips you need to know.

Top 5 Tips for Laundry Success

Shannon Lush has some great tips and tricks to help you out with everything from your whites to clothes shrinkage.

How to Remove Clothing Stains

Top tips to banish unwanted stains from your clothes!

Interior Fabrics

If you don't fancy the mess and hassle of painting, here is a stunning way of colouring your room using fabrics.

Winter Fabric Textures

Shannon's idea of winter fabrics is all about indulgence, including soft chenilles, velvets and cashmeres.

Luxurious Rug Designs

Shannon Fricke looks at luxurious floor coverings to tantalise your tootsies.

Interior Fabrics

We are spoilt with the beautiful fabrics that have been popping up on our furniture, curtains, bedspreads and cushions. But which one is best?

Sheridan Bed Sheets

Mix and match your own bed sheets to create the look you want with POP by Sheridan.