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Obsessive behaviour  

My ragdoll x Birman cat is 3 yo in September. We've had her since she was a kitten and she is well loved and shares our house with myself 3 younger teenagers 2 boys and a girl, a 3 math old male kitten and an outside female 7 mth old dog. She is desexed. Problem is her obsession with inside doors being open. She has been an inside cat for most of her life and is a lot more settled since we got our kitten for company. But she insists on all doors including the shower door being opened. She will stand on her back feet and scrape the shower door glass to open it or until it annoys us so much we open it. We leave it open now, but the annoying thing is the toilet door. She doesn't care unless someone goes to the toilet, and if we don't properly shut the door she opens it by pushing at it until it is fully open. If she can't open it she'll sit outside the door and meow until we are finished. If she gets in, she'll then just walk off but will repeat the behaviour if we again shut the door. Since we got our kitten she has also begun sitting on our knees when we are on the toilet and then fusses or refuses to budge when we try to get off the toilet. She mainly does this with me which I think is laying claim to her human mum since we got our kitten to keep her company. We love her dearly and give equal attention but max is very extrovert and demanding which I think has caused crystals behaviour. It is only a problem when we have guests as we just put it down to part of her personality. We don't encourage this behaviour but all attempts to train her out of it have failed. I tried the water squirter idea but being part ragdoll she loved the water and treated it as a game. Can you advise us on a solution. My vet said she's being an equivalent to a human rebellious teen but couldn't offer a solution.

Answered Monday 7 July 2014

Hi Jodi, 

Unfortunately, I don't have any great solutions for you. There are a number of training specialists on the following forum, i'd suggest you post your question and you may get an expert on the field.

Dr Ben

(If you don’t get a response back, pop your comments/question as a thread on the Vetico forums, and a team of Vets will help you out.)

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