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My husband andI need HELP 

Hi, I watch your show all the time and I'm not sure what is the right way to get in contact with you but here I am.
My husband and I have been togther for 8 years and his whole life he has had weight issue's, starting from when he was 5 and diagnosd with high cholesterol. My husband has tried everything, he has been to many doctor's and specialists and naturopaths over the years an has been toldhe has a very sluggish liver. He has tried everything, you name it he as done it. But the weight wont come off. It feels like we have been on a strict diet for 10 years. My husband he may lose some weight but the problem is he puts in on SO easy, over one weekend if we are away or have a special occasion and we splurge a little you can notice it on him the following day.
Now we have a 1 year old daughter and one on the way and i just don't have the energy to help him anymore, I feel like I have given up.
We need your help! Please please please help us!!

Answered Monday 25 February 2013

Hi Kate, Has your husband had his thyroid checked? It sounds like it may be a little sluggish and in combination with a weak liver he will find it next to impossible to lose weight. Tell him to see a GP for not only thyroid testing but also iodine as most Australians are low in this crucial mineral. Iodine is the building block for thyroid hormones and without adequate levels your metabolism slows down.


Emma Sutherland

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