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lost libido 

Hi. After having my first child I went on the pill and completely lost my libido. After having my second child I tried depo shots but I still have no libido and I'm constantly on my period can you suggest anything to help I am due to have another shot soon And would like to know what choices I have for contraception.

Answered Friday 19 August 2011

Hormone-based contraceptives are the most effective in terms of preventing pregnancy - but that's not much use if they turn you off sex altogether! The three main types of non-hormonal contraception are: - If you've had enough children then he could get a vasectomy or you could get your tubes tied, they are both very effective forms of contraceptive, and vasectomies are very common these days. - You can also use condoms, which are very effective when used properly. Some people don't like the feel of condoms, so if you're careful and know your cycle well, you can use natural family planning where you only use a condom during your fertile period, but nothing on other days. This is not the most reliable form of contraception, so if you don't mind the possibility of a third child, you could try this. You do have to pay close attention to your cycle though. - The other option is an IUD. This is when a doctor inserts a small item inside your uterus, which prevents conception. They can cause pain in some women, but for many it's an easy form of birth control. I recommend you have a talk with your GP or a family planning clinic and talk to them about non-hormonal types of contraception and what might suit you best.

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Jacqueline Hellyer

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