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Hi Andrew,

I love your show.

I have an investment property in Reservoir Vic which I bought for $611K at the peak of the market in Nov 2009. It's a red clicker brick home with a terracotta roof tile with wooden double hung windows (painted white) built after the war with some art deco features. It's in orginal condition on 650 sqm of land.
I recieve net rent of $1355 pm with a loan of $645K. It's costing me around $1k pm after negative gearing and the property is not growing by the same rate.
Should I hold as it's a great home in a good area (27 Acheron Ave - google it to view photo's) or should I rennovate it to improve the return? i.e update the kitchen and bathroom or should I build a unit on the back to improve the return? I dont want to sell as I wont get my money back in this flat market, if I can afford to hold for the say next 20 yrs, do you think that the property will grow by an average of say 2% pa and is worth holdng for the long term? Or should I sell as it's costing me money to keep it and take a hit as I want to save the $1k pm? I'm 42 yrs old and have time on my side hopefully for it to grow?

Thanks , Rob

Answered Saturday 10 November 2012

I would love to help, but it is simply to complex to answer in this forum, if you really are stuck let me know via

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Andrew Winter

Andrew Winter is a residential property expert and Lifestyle’s multiple award-winning television host.

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