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Dri body skin and dull and ageing facial skin 

Hi Emma,

I am glad I have this opportunity to ask you for advise on my skin problems.

My skin is most neglected these days post pregnancy. I am postpartum 11 months and my skin doesnt seem to recover.

It stays dehaydrated most of the time. I dont know if I have to blame it on the Sun, it is now Summer.

My facial skin has lost all the charm and stays dull and lifeless.

I am on medication for thyroid, hope this is not a reason for skin dryness.

Can you please suggest a routine maintenance excercise which can revive my skin and keep me looking good. Also please suggest what needs to be done t stop early ageing. I am just 34 now.

Please help. I value your advise very much.

Also I have a wart sort on my nexk which grew during my pregnancy. This is very ugly and I would like this to be removed. Please advise.

Thanks & BEst Regards
Sree Lalitha

Answered Friday 23 March 2012

Dear Sree Firstly congratulations on becoming a Mum, I’m sure this has certainly been an exciting time for you. The hormonal transition into motherhood, coupled with less sleep and a busy daily schedule can all take their toll on the skin, so let’s have a chat about some possible options for you. My first question would be are you still breastfeeding? The reason I ask is because breastfeeding can cause your skin to become dehydrated, so it is vital that you ensure you are drinking plenty of water on a daily basis to replenish lost moisture. Dehydration can contribute to the dull and lifeless appearance you mentioned you are noticing and can be worsened, regardless of season, due to a range of factors including stress, air conditioning and medications. With regards to your medication for thyroid being a reason for your dryness it may be best to speak with your primary health care professional who prescribes your medication as they will be in the best position to inform you of any side affects. Drinking plenty of filtered water, a healthy diet containing lots of antioxidant rich foods and sleep will help to rejuvenate your skin from the inside out, and beginning a simple and effective home care regime will also make a huge difference in how you look and feel about yourself. Home skin care needs to fit into your lifestyle so it can be used consistently to achieve a result. Some key home care steps you may be interested in include cleansing, exfoliating, treating, moisturising and SPF. Cleansing your skin is vital to remove dulling grime, pollution, sweat, oil and products from the surface of your skin and to allow maximum absorption of your other products. When cleansing your skin be sure to choose one free of soaps, artificial colours and fragrances to ensure you do not experience further dryness. Instead you may prefer to look for a creamy or milky based cleanser that contains oils and vitamins to nourish your skin whilst cleansing. You should aim to cleanse your skin twice in the morning and twice at night. Exfoliation is always performed after cleansing and this will an important step to give you that instant brightness your are searching for. Exfoliants come in many different options, such as granular scrubs or more chemical based, and for your skin I would recommend a more chemical base. The reason for this is using ingredients such as Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid and enzymes will work deeper into your skin for a more dramatic result. Dermalogica has an exfoliant you may be interested in called Daily Resurfacer. Daily Resurfacer is a precise dose of leave on exfoliating treatment that resurfaces, smooths and brightens while evening skin tone to improve all over skin clarity. The great thing is it is extremely time efficient as you apply at night after cleansing and leave on all night whilst you sleep (or try to sleep in between caring for your baby!). You may find out more about this product by visiting After cleansing and exfoliating your skin is primed to absorb fantastic ingredients to help to target ageing. Look for serums or other similar treatment products that contain peptides, essential oils and vitamins A, C & E. Finally ensure you are using a hydrating moisturiser that contains SPF, to combat dryness and UV induced ageing. Great hydrating ingredients to look for in a moisturiser include Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Amino Acids, Cucumber and Grape Seed. With regards to your wart my best recommendation would be to visit a trusted GP who may be able to remove this for you quite easily. I hope this helps, all the best. Emma

Skin Expert

Emma Hobson

Emma is no longer available to answer questions but please browse our archive of answers.

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