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Bronze - The vine 

I’ve been wanting to start a bronze Art Nouveau collection and came across this signed lovely peace.
I have a several porcelain peace but this would be my first bronze
The same un signed bronze went for some £70 on eBay with others still up for auction.
But I’m looking for a bargain and a good investment but know very little about bronze and more to the point how to make sure it’s a good one!
It seems to make sense to look for signed, dates and numbered works but this only has foundry mark and signature
At £150 what’s would your advice be?

Foundry:J.B Déposée Bronze Garanti Paris
Signature H. Frishmuth

Answered Monday 26 March 2012

this looks like a copy - be very careful buying art noveau bronzes from ebay, I wouldn't do it .... if it's too good to be true, it probably isn't what it's supposed to be, best to buy from an auction house of repute, or a dealer but there is few cheap options in this area. Bronzes have been much copied, what you need is a cast iron guarantee that it is of the period, not in the style of, the wording is often nebulous and confusing

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Simon Hollington

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