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    Weight lose 

    Hi Emma I am 37 and weigh 92k ht 151. I have only been overweight since having my first child nearly 10 years ago - my youngest is 7. I have controlled epilepsy I find at this point if I ask advice expects don't want to give advice other than see your doctor (which does not work. The medication can make it harder to lose weight I also suffer with PCOS (associated with having hormonal epilepsy!) and IBS. I do Pilates see a personal trainer once a week also and go swimming sometimes. I need help especially nutritionally what do you suggest please? Thanks Liz

    weight standstill 

    Hi Emma, I am currently aiming to lose 10kg. I am on quite a sound diet keeping aware of all i put in my mouth. im constantly keeping hydrated and have just started exercising with a bit of cardio on the treadmill for 40min a day. BUT i have found that now im not losing any weight at all :( Is my body still adjusting to my 2 week old diet? THANK YOU Thanks

    really need help 

    Hi Emma , Im 17 last time I checked I weighed 104kg Im 5'5 yes thats very overweight , I dont eat a lot of junk food and eat good food but i just dont know what to do , Im not afraid of excerise , HELP !

    seeking advice 

    Hi emma, i am wondering if you could give some advice as i have been struggling with my weight all my life. yo-yoing year after year and the older i get the more lost i feel. I turn 30 in october and feel so unhappy with my body. I have actually lost 2kg watching the show, but now on my 3rd week gained weight!! Im frustrated because i have not done anything different too the previous weeks, im finding it hard to figure out what to eat anymore and to keep it as a healthy lifestyle. Could you recommend how i say on track and what i may add in my meals to ensure i could continue to lose the weight?

    Underactive thyroid 

    Hi Emma I am hoping you maybe able to help me. I have been diagnosed with an underactive thryoid in January this year and have it under control by taking medication on a daily basis. My problem is I am having difficulty in losing weight. I have been seeing a dietician for 6 weeks and despite following a very healthy diet with only two red meat meals a day, no diary,drinking at least 2L of water a day and only consuming 1500 calories a day i have lost less than 2Kg. I do at least 12 000 steps 7 days a week (which includes 4 days of jogging/walking 6km), combined with three 30 minute gym sessions a week. I do not drink any alcohol and do not eat any biscuits/cakes. I just cant seem to get my metabolism to kick in no matter what i eat or now much exercise i do. My breakfast consists of rolled oats with oat milk and a boiled egg plus a piece of fruit. Morning tea is yoghurt and fruit, Lunch is a salad plus tuna/salmon. Afternnon tea is piece of wholemeal bread and vegimite. Dinner is steamed veg and salmon/chicken. If i have an additional snack it is often dates/nuts and seeds. I dont know what I am doing wrong. If you can offer any advice I would be very grateful.


    i am 52 years old an have been a vegetarian for a year i enjoy a healthy diet but i am still not loosing any weight.. i wondered if you had a juice to kick start my morning and help me loose weight thanks

    diet and supplements  

    Hi Emma, I have had a lot of stress over the last couple of years and have been consuming way too much alcohol as a way to cope and have put on about 25 kg in the process. I feel like I eat a pretty healthy diet but my moods,abdominal fat and skin are suffering badly. I am ready to change and am interested in any additional dietry additions or supplements that I can take to help me get back to my normal self. I am too embarassed to attach a photo Your help would really be appreciated. Kind Regards Michele Phillips 44

    getting started 

    Hi emma, I enjoy have enjoyed watching eat yourself sexy particularly your information I was surprised to see the diet tubs promoted by weight watchers are so full of sugar and not ideal. My question is at 46 and 85 kilos my bmi is over 33% I would like to work at reducing my weight by 20kilos can you please direct me with the first step. Do I go to my doctor for a full check up and what do i ask for. Cholesterol check. I am a member of a gym do i get a trainer for 3 times a week. Looking at michelle's menu could this be a good start.

    finding your clinic or something simliar  

    Hello emma, I hoping you can help me, I'm a 26yr old married and a mum to 2 very young beautiful children and even since having my first child I have moments feeling like crap in myself. I was hoping to find either your clinic or something on the lines to it in Brisbane? I need help badly and a kick in the backside cause I give in easily. Thankyou very much Emma. Charmaine

    Chocolate suprise balls 

    I am wondering is it ok to replace the raw caco with unsweetened cocoa, as I am having trouble getting hold of raw caco

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