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    Hi Emma, I have been totally inspired by your advise about making juice on the eat yourself sexy show. I was wondering what is the Juicer that you use. I would like to buy one but there is so many types of juicers on the market. Please send me the juicer's type, Brand & model number so I can purchase one. Thank you.


    Hi Emma, I am a mum of four and have been on the weightloss trail since i was 14 and im mow 38. i have had success but it never lasts as i have only gone on severe calorie restricton diets in order to lose weight. i have now put it all back on and then desperate, im tired all the time, no libido, moody, angry and just depressed all the time and im positive its to do with the food. i eat poorly all day and by the evening im just a mess. i need and want to feel energised and happy for myself, husband and my gorgeous children. please help me with some advice. should i follow some of the suggested meal plans on the website perhaps?? what do u think??


    Hi Emma I am a 50 year old woman, and I had a total hysterectomy 12 months ago.I started HRT which I found did not help much, so a friend recommended natural HRT which I have been using for 6 months and I have been happy with the results but my libido was still none existant so I have been using testoterone cream for 4 months but find that it is having no effect on my libido but I have become hairy! Can you suggest any natural remedies fro menopause and libido? Thanks, Margaret

    Weight Plan and Breastfeeding 

    Hi Emma, I have downloaded your Meal Plans and Recipes and they look great. I am currently breastfeeding and would like to know whether your meal plans advisable for me and what is the calorie intake for each day on the plans? Thanks Cat.

    re consultation 

    i am finding it harder and harder to curtail my weight. i am 57 and have been going through menopause for the last 4years. would ideally like a consultation with not wish to go on any show and would like to remain private.


    Hello I have been a vegetarian for over 15yrs now and still stuggle to find suitable protein sources . In the recent show you replaced fish with Chia three times a week , is this enough for a ovo-lacto vego and is is ok for toddlers to eat?

    would like to find somthing that wiil help me with willpower 

    hi emma cant find photo. carry most of my weight around my middle, 12 years ago i found out i have a under active thyriod. when trying to have a family ive had 8 misscarages 3 eptopic pregancays. put 25 kilos on try to eat healthy do eat alot of healthy foods but i have no will power to exercise or cut out savourys


    hi Emma, im wanting to know if you could tell me if there is a person like yourself in melbourne i could to see. I would like to get my own eating plan

    oat milk 

    Hi Emma, just wanting to know why oat milk and rice milk have oil in them. Aren't we supposed to be keeping away from those oils.

    new diet requred!! 

    I had a sleeve gastrectomy Feb 2009 and lost 35 kg but now my body is used to the small portions so I eat more often so have put on 8 kg,s. I need some advice to help me get back on track with a varied healthy but protein packed diet.

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