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    Looking for a good Naturopath 

    Hi Emma, I have visited many Naturopaths in my time and many seem keen just to sell a heap of vitamins and homeopathy products whih costs me about $200-300 per visit. What you do changes lives, and I would love to be able to find a professional with the same ethos as you who can provide noticeable results. No one has looked at my tongue, nails, my eye balls. They just give me lots of pills and a generic diet menu. What should I look for in a professional? I am just tired of spending so much money with no results. Regards, Sandra Romero

    Rollcoaster weight and Binge Eater 

    Hi Emma, I'm mentally exhausted now about issues with my weight!! I'm 31 years old, mother of two beautiful boys, weigh 78kgs and 172cm tall. I go to the gym approx 3 days a week for an hour and eat healthy meals!! BUT I binge eat before, between and after meals!!! I can binge eat sooooo much I get terrible reflux!! It's worst in the afternoon! I'm so hungry I just cant stop eating!! So all the hard work I've maintain through the beginning of the day is ruined!! I have gained and lost between 20-30kg's three times in the last 12 years!!! I'm tired mentally and physically, i'm depressed and it effects so much in my life!!! I need suggestions on where I should go from here please?? I want this time to be the last time!! Many thanks, Sarah


    Hi Emma, Firstly - Love the show! Your knowledge of food and what is good for our bodies is phenomenal. I would love to set up an appointment with you but I live in Coogee in Sydney. Can you recommend a natropath in this area by any chance and what sort of questions should i be asking to make sure i am on the right track for eating correctly for my body?

    Weight loss & self confidence 

    Hi Emma, My name is Jodie I am 28 years of age. My son is almost 1 year old, since giving birth I have managed to lose most of my pregancy weight now weighing 80kg, previously 78kg. Since reaching the 80kg mark I have no motivation & I feel I need somebody to help me get back to a healthy weight range. I suffer from psoriasis so I've found a few diets I have tried actually make my condition worse... I'm so tired of trying to fight my skin condition & my weight loss it's making me feel depressed... Please give me some advice. Jodie

    bad food 

    Hi Emma, I have a lot of motivation to lose weight, going to the gym 6 times a week and have a personal trainer. But I cannot get my head into the game of eating healthy. I know what I need to go, but I still eat the bad food, chocolate, pizza etc... do you have any tips to get my head in the game? I have 30 - 40 kilos to lose. Been going to the gym for a few months with no weightloss due to bad eating. Thanks, Meg

    Sugar free 

    I recently watched an episode which explained that the sugar free soft drinks etc were also bad for weight loss. Other than water and full sugar/fat drinks... What is there!? Thanks :) Rach

    diet advise 

    I am looking for someone to help me change my eating habbits and adapt healthy habbits into every day as well as provide me with an eating plan. Is there anybody you recomend in Perth? Should I see a natropath or dietitian?


    Hi Emma I had a lap band put on 9 years ago and I have now put all my weight back on. I never feel satisfied no matter what I eat. I know what I should do but Im so addicted to sugar and I dont know what to do the more I think about it the cravings just gets worse and I eat more and feel worse.I am about 123 +kgs(5ft 11in)and I so dont want to be like this any more. I feel like my weight has robed me of my happieness and spark. Is there someone who can help me the way you help the Girls on the show, more than happy to pay anything for help. KInd Regards Suzanne Edwards

    Help! dont know where to start. 

    Due to a medication i was taking it had caused me to gain ruffly about 15-20 ish kgs in 6 months, even though i still ate the same amount of foods. now that ive stopped it i havent been able to shed any Kgs, plus adding to my poor diet the weight is causing problems with pre existing conditions, Ive been trying to take problem foods out of my diet and replace with healthier options but its been proving very difficult as im a fussy eater. but i need to do something about this as im unhappy with the weight and now feel ashamed of my body as its not what it was and have gained some unsightly stretch marks. what would be your best adivce.

    Swaps for gluten free 

    Hi Emma, I've recently been diagnosed with gluten intolerance. I can't eat sourdough or rye or multigrain bread any more and I'm finding that gluten free bread isn't a good swap as it's much more dense and has loads more calories. I don't need more calories - I'm 85kg and only 5'4". I'm working on improving my fitness and am now walking, strength training, or other kind of cardio 5 - 6 times a week, but I can't shift any weight. I'm thinking about trying Rebecca's meal plan. Can you suggest any swaps for things like the sourdough and pita breads? Thanks, Ann.

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