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    I am a overeater and been on every diet. I can often eat 5 chocolates a day and even seeing a Psychologist doesn't help. I exercise but am gaining weight. Can you suggest anything please?

    Candida issues 

    HI Emma, I regularly suffered from vaginal thrush about once every 6 months for 2-3 years in my late teens, I'm am now 26 and haven't had another episode for about 4 years. I get regular colonic irrigations and my therapist said i have thrush in my bowel. What is your advise in term of the best diet and methods to get rid of candida. How long does it stay in the system?I have googled diets but they all contradict each other, so slightly confused how to treat it. I am constant flatulance and bloating. I have a very very clean diet but it may be the certain vegetables or nut milks I drink that may be feeding the candida. please help! also one more question is salmon fillet injected with a dye to make it pink, is it safe to eat? thanks

    how change the idea of healthy eating 

    At present I am 10 k overwieght along with my husband who is 25ks. I have lost sight of being able to get back on track to help us both. I swim three times a week as I have osti athritis and find walking or gym a bit painful on the bones and body.For each little step I take forward there are three backwards. I just need a little help to begin helping us both. Jan

    Milk substitutes for bloating 

    Hi Emma, love your work on this show all way way across the ditch in NZ! You mentioned on an episode to substitue cows milk for bloating ect issues. what would you recommend to be the most useful substitute? Much thanks

    your 8 week change bad eating habits 

    Hi Emma, I am a big fan i watched eat yourself sexy when it was on and admired all that you stand for, i just have a few questions about your 8 week eating plan, i eat fairly healthy with a few indulgences, and i am reasonably active, i am about to give birth in April and i am just wondering if i could do your 8 week eating plan while i'm breast feeding and if i can, could you recommend some substitutes for all the dairy products as i am alergic to lactose, kind regards Sam Cahill


    Hi Emma, I have a question about juicing, I like to juice vegetables and fruit but I have read recently that you should blend instead of juicing as if you have the juice without the fibre it 'places a big load on the liver while simultaneously hiking blood sugar levels, which can triggar glycation.' Can I ask what your opinion is on this?

    weight loss 

    When do you take your fat zapper drink, morning or night, before food or after food.

    My Weight 

    Hi, I find it difficult to motivate myself to eat well and as a result I am obese. I have had HUGE pressures placed on me in my personallife and things just seem "too hard". How do I pick up my self esteem. I will look forward to your response. Kind regards & thanks Lorraine :(

    decrease body fat % 

    Hi Emma, love your show its a real motivator. I just had a question relating to which menu plan would suit me. I am 41 years old, 168cm tall and currently at 63kg, although I am not classified as overweight according to the scales my body fat is 31%. Last year I lost 6kgs and came in at 58kgs but my body fat was still 30%. I was on a low carb high protein diet and lost a lot of muscle. I am relatively fit and exercise moderately 5-6 days a week. I seem to be stuck in a rut and cannot shake those flobby bits but I want to loose fat not muscle. Can you suggest the best eating plan from the program to help loose body fat %. Many thanks, Rachel

    before or after 

    I would like to know is it better to eat before or after a session at the gym? I work ten hours night duty as a carer. I do eat fairly well, I graze.I go to my gym 4x a week. have a personal trainer 1x week. Since september last year ive lost ten kilos through diet and exercise, now i need to step it up as i still have another ten kilo to go, I do have ceoliacs but that has never stopped me from eating healthy. Im 47. please do you have any ideas to help me.

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