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    Hi I have fructose malaborbsion and lazy bowl and am trying to loose the last 6kg I find alot of the acticles on fructose to be contradictive of each other I am a big fruit and veg lover. which diet plan would be best for me. PS lov ethe show want it back

    Eat yourself sexy meal plan and coffee 

    Hi Emma, I have just began your "eat yourself sexy meal plan" and was wondering if it would be acceptable to drink coffee as part of liquids. I would not say i am one of those people who feel the need to drink coffee every day, I would probably have around 3 soy cappuccinos a week, is this okay or should i be sticking to tea/water?

    Request to use your name as a nutritionist 

    Hi Emma, I'm writing to ask if I could use a link on my website to your 7 day 'eat yoursef sexy' meal plan at I'm about to start a website promoting teas such as green tea for wellbeing and would really like a page dedicated to a good 7 day weight loss plan to make sure teenagers see any weight loss is about healthy eating. My details are: Danni Crews 0410301011 39 Wanda Rd Caulfield North, 3161 Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you Emma.

    super food powders 

    hello there, wanted to ask about fermented power powders. i have recently purchased a product from a shopping channell (brainwashed perhaps???)by a sydney woman, Carla Oates, who has created a fermented powder named GLOW. from the description i understood it to be like a multi crossed with yakult crossed with a prebiotic tablet crossed with berocca. i was wondering do you think im an idiot for trying a product like this? and do you see any merit to this type of supplement? you dissolve 1 teaspoon of the powder to water and drink. furthermore i do also have powdered wheatgrass for adding to drinks etc after trying at a juice bar and thinking it was good. do you think these are worth the effort? i mainly purchased the wheatgrass to add a small sprinkle to my sons juice, as its near impossible to get greens into my toddler. would really apprciate your feedback if possible. thankyou kindly, Kelly

    Nutrition/eating plan for person without a colon 

    I had my colon removed about 9 years ago and have a j-pouch. I also now have a heart condition, high cholestrol and live with pain on a daily basis. I was diagnosed as bi-polar so this resulted in more medication. My body seems to be retaining quite a lot of fluid and suffer from fatigue. I am 50 years old, 1.76m tall and weigh 80 kilograms. HELP!!! I would like to reduce my medicine intake, become leaner and look younger by following a healthier diet regime suitable for me. Can you help me????

    What foods can I substitute for meat in all these recepies? 

    Hello! Im form Slovenia (Europe) and they just started playing this show here (Eat your self sexy) - good work, its really great! But I have a problem, since I dont eat meat (since recently). So I was wondering what would you suggest as good substitutes within your various recipes (I have checked them all out). I would be very grateful for your suggestions. Best regards, Mojca Maver

    Belly fat 

    Hello I lead a healthy diet but have belly fat and my cholesterol goes up and down. I eat 5 times a day, with porridge for brekkie, fruit mid morning and afternoon. Then either salad for lunch or evening meal with a cooked meal for the other one. I keep carbs and fat to a minimum, what am i doing wrong?

    My husband andI need HELP 

    Hi, I watch your show all the time and I'm not sure what is the right way to get in contact with you but here I am. My husband and I have been togther for 8 years and his whole life he has had weight issue's, starting from when he was 5 and diagnosd with high cholesterol. My husband has tried everything, he has been to many doctor's and specialists and naturopaths over the years an has been toldhe has a very sluggish liver. He has tried everything, you name it he as done it. But the weight wont come off. It feels like we have been on a strict diet for 10 years. My husband he may lose some weight but the problem is he puts in on SO easy, over one weekend if we are away or have a special occasion and we splurge a little you can notice it on him the following day. Now we have a 1 year old daughter and one on the way and i just don't have the energy to help him anymore, I feel like I have given up. We need your help! Please please please help us!! Thanks


    Hi Emma, Recently I was diagnosed with having an eating disorder (bulimia). Although I haven't been behaving in such a way, I've noticed that even with mindful eating and exercise, I'm not losing weight. As part of the reason I became bulimic was due to a desire to lose weight, I find it difficult to stay motivated to remain eating healthy - when I'm actually HEAVIER than I was when I was in the grips of my disease. What guidance would you give to help? Thanks!

    Eat Yourself Sexy Health Tests 

    Hi Emma, We have been privileged to have Eat Yourself Sexy screening over here in NZ and I must say, I am a huge fan! I was wondering if you might know of anywhere in Auckland I could go to have similar tests to the ones you give the ladies at The Clinic? I'd love to see where I am lacking nutritionally and get on the track to fixing my health and wellbeing. Many thanks :) Kat

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