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    keiloid scars 

    I kept popping a pimple and it eventually turned into a keiloid scar and it's very visible and red and raised and i've had it for a year almost. How do I get rid of it?

    Skin care for older women 

    I find I have rough patches on my face and also a large scar on my lip. Is there anything I can do to help this.

    Organic Make-up Brands 

    Hi Emma, I'm not sure if you will know but I thought it was worth asking. I am currently in the process of converting all beauty products I use into organic/safe brands. I am currently trying to switch my make-up over. But I am struggling to find an affordable brand in Australia that is free of parabens, chemicals, fragrances and other harsh chemicals. I know there are a lot of American brands that are certified organic but they cost a fortune! So I was wondering if there were any affordable brands that are available in Australia with a full makeup line? Thanks in adavance, any help will be greatly appreciated!


    Hi Emma, I am a woman in her mid 50s persparation has always been a problem for me but now it is like some one turned on a shower any ideas as to how I can control this ...


    Hey Emma, I am just wondering if you have tried out the Swedish branded facial skincare device by FOREO?

    Pregnancy skin troubles 

    Hi I'm 20wks pregnant and since the start my little girl has been reaping havoc on my skin! I know hormones are at fault but can I use any particular products to get rid of my pimple (mainly face and shoulders)? Also I have very dry legs and arms. I use coco butter but I seem to need to swim in it, to get a lasting result.


    I am 46 and seriously considering Botox, what are your thoughts. I also have some discoloration due to sun damage, what is the suggested treatment. Thanks

    How often do I need a facial?  

    How often should you have a professional facial? Is it really necessary if I have a comprehensive daily skin routine that I do at home?

    How to make my eye make-up last?  

    Hi Emma, My eye makeup always fades in a few hours. Do you know any tips or tricks to make it last longer? Thanks for your help!

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