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Emma Charlotte Bangay

Beauty and Lifestyle Expert

5 easy ways to save money on your Easter feast

Feeding the masses this Easter shouldn't break the bank with these simple tips.

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I tried floating and it changed my life

Curious about floatation therapy? From beauty to health, discover the host of benefits on offer if you dive on in.

Style your dream dinner party in 7 steps

Creating the ultimate dinner party has never been easier.

Heidi Middleton on building the Sass & Bide empire, and what came next

You may recognise her as one-half of Australian design duo Sass & Bide, but dig a little deeper and you realise that Heidi Middleton's philanthropic impact is just as great as that of her fashion.

Everything you need to know about shopping the freshest fish

Is the seafood you're buying safe and sustainable? Make sure you know what's in store for you at the supermarket fish counter.

I tattooed my eyebrows and never looked back

It took several years of bravado building and a few days of incognito, but now, Emma Bangay is happy to announce she will never pencil in her brows again.

Embrace your grey hair: Tips for dyeing and at-home care

Grey hair is an unavoidable fact of life. While some welcome signs of ageing, others aren’t exactly enthused about the change in colour. Here, Emma Bangay explores how to embrace – or cover all trace of – grey hair.

18 steps for creating a greener home

A healthier, more sustainable home needn't break the bank - here are some easy to follow tips to get you started.

13 tips to ease back-to-school anxiety

Returning to school for a new year can be difficult for kids. Emma Bangay speaks to three experts about how to ease the transition into Term One - and beyond - for schoolchildren of every age.

What it's really like to have Colonic Hydrotherapy

Emma Bangay puts her body on the line to document the beauty and wellbeing road less traveled.

'80s revival: Trends to try in 2017

The fashion pack have called it; the 80s are back. From crop tops to oversized accessories, some of the biggest trends of decades ago are doing another round in your wardrobe. Emma Bangay finds out how to do it better, the second time around.

Emma is an experienced beauty and lifestyle writer.

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