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The expert trick to mastering perfect blush

Blush is one of those underrated beauty products that can perk you up when you’re feeling blah in a matter of seconds. Here's how to get it right every time.

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How to perfect your eyeliner in three simple steps

How to nail your eyeliner in three simple steps

The seven best mineral makeup tips of all time

I love a natural makeup look, and when I know I know it’s not doing my skin any harm, it’s even better! Here’s how I achieve my favourite glow to go!

Contouring in three quick steps

Contour. It’s the beauty equivalent of Beyoncé; hugely popular and a part of the cosmetic landscape as we know it. But is it tricky? Does it take a million products? Not so much. Here’s how to tackle contouring in three steps.

Age-defining eye makeup

Of all the features to play up, the eyes are the most transformative. Did you know you are able to tweak your age depending on how you shade?

Everything you must do in Austin, Texas

Life is full of surprises, and for Emma Bangay, Austin Texas was one of the best.

Puppies to partners: a guide to Guide Dogs

Puppies are excitable, playful and downright mischievous, so how do cheeky pups become loyal partners and leaders for the vision impaired?

The perfect match: A Guide Dog love story

31-year-old Chrissy and her Guide Dog Lacey are united, in-sync and in it for the long haul.

10 must-see stops on the ultimate Texas road trip

Find out the best things to do in Texas

Small space style solutions

Create the illusion of space in your small apartment using these simple but clever DIY styling tips.

The rise of the male cosmetics counter

Move over hardware stores. In just under a decade, men’s cosmetic counters will be commonplace and a staple in the beauty industry.

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