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Green Home Guide

Green Home Guide

Just because your house is older doesn’t mean you can’t make it more sustainable. Here are our tips on making the change to a green home.

Energy Saving Tips

Use less energy and you can save money as well as the environment. Here’s how to make a start.

Earth Hour 2011 launch video

Earth Hour 2011 has been launched with an awesome music video. Help spread the word!

5 Benefits Of Ceiling Fans

Did you know you can feel four degrees cooler in summer with a ceiling fan? Check out the other benefits here.

Water Saving Dishwashers

Did you know washing dishes by hand uses up to five times more water and 60% more energy than a dishwasher?

Eco-Friendly at Home

Natural, everyday items to clean your home.

Eco Proof Your Home

Even if you rent there are still easy changes you can make to live more sustainably. Here are out top 10 things that anyone can do.

Recycled House

By Brendan MoarOn 11 May

For recycled style, this house has it all.

Recycled Materials

By Shannon FrickeOn 11 May

Fancy some furniture with a totally unique look? Turn to the experts who work wonders with recycled junk.

Sustainable Home

By Shannon FrickeOn 11 May

Just outside of Launceston in one of the windiest corridors of the island is this cleverly designed sustainable home aptly named “Well, Blow Me Down”.

5 Sustainable Pieces

By Shannon FrickeOn 11 May

Sustainability is a very important concept in today's world of consumerism. Check out Shannon Fricke's top 5 sustainable pieces.