How to keep your home cool without air conditioning
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How to keep your home cool without air conditioning

We asked architect, urban designer and Certified Passive House Designer Andy Marlow for big and small ideas on how to make every home more liveable in the heat.

Pre-cycling: The new way you can help the environment

2 minute read

We all know about recycling, but if you really want to increase your eco-friendly rating, why not give pre-cycling a go?

Five ways to stop food waste at home

5 minute read

It’s no secret that the amount of food we waste is mind-blowing.

Are green bags really better for the environment?

4 minute read

As a nation, we're making progress towards ditching single-use plastic bags for good. But could it be the case that the bags we've used to replace them are doing even more harm to the environment?

Where do our recycled products really go?

5 minute read

Over 90 per cent of Australians believe recycling is the right thing to do. Per person, recycling is increasing faster than the generation of waste, but are our well-meaning efforts worth it? And where do the products and packaging we responsibly dispose of end up?

A beginner's guide to beekeeping

6 minute read

Stewarding honeybees bees is something everyone can do. Here's how to get started at home.

The buried treasures in your home you should sell online

3 minute read

With Aussie households standing to make $4,200 from their unwanted items, it could be worth digging through your junk cupboard to uncover buried treasures.

5 recycling programs you may not know about

5 minute read

We’ve rounded up five amazing programs around Australia that can help you help the planet with ease.

Why giving back is good for your health

2 minute read

Expect to feel a whole host of health and wellbeing benefits when you practise charitable behaviour.

How to use up all your fruit and veggie scraps

4 minute read

We discard our tops and tails, peel and seeds without giving it a second thought, but did you know that most vegetable and fruit scraps can be given a second life?

How to make a worm farm

4 minute read

Great for your garden and the environment, worms farms are a win-win for any family. Here's how to make a DIY worm farm at home.