Dr. Ben Willcocks

Pet Expert

Ben Willcocks believes you can never learn too much about your pet.

Ben Willcocks believes you can never learn too much about your pet.

About Dr. Ben Willcocks

Dr Ben Willcocks is a Veterinarian, and a regular contributor to the pet website, www.vetico.com.au. This site is a free online resource and community developed by Veterinarians to provide current, reliable and relevant information for pet owners.

Past Questions & Answers

bad puppy  

hi, i need help i have an 9th month old beagle puppy his name is marely . I have try everything he just destory everything he has destory the garden,pot plants,smashed two ceramic pots,a kennel,thre...


Why do dogs like rolling in poo? Is it possible to train them not to?...

Rescue puppy terrified of lead and being picked up  

Dear Dr Willcocks, I hope this email finds you well! We recently adopted a now 14-week old labrador x kelpie. He is a gorgeous boy but is also incredibly shy. It has taken him a few weeks to...

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