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    allergic dog 

    my 8 1/2 year old cairn terrier has seasonal allergies - have tried every antihistamine on the list the vet gave me - nothing helps - have been rinsing him a solution of apple cider vinegar and green tea - which has helped a little - feed him grain free food - do you have any other suggestions ? thanks and LOVE your show

    dog barking non stop 

    hi i have 2 dogs named waffles (mini schnauzer) and Bailey (golden retriever) a few years ago when they were puppies we got them both desexed mainly so the dont breed but to also stop waffles barking and peeing everytime he comes inside to mark his territory anyway do u have any tips to stop him from barking coz he barks at everything even the wind we have tried shock collars which i know is bad but it didnt do anything coz bailey just chewed it straight off him?!?!?!?! any tips??

    French Bulldog 

    Hi I just wanted to ask if a French Bulldog is a good pet & companion for our existing dog Zoe a miniature dachshund. Also we wanted to know if they jump fences as we have a post and wire fence that has been dog proofed but its up to my armpits (I'm 5'2). And are they easy to toilet train? And do people with allergies have trouble with them. Thank you for your time Regards Karen

    Naughty kitten 

    Hello, I've never had a female kitten/cat before but I am very educated with males. I have a question about my kittens behaviour, she is always attacking my feet. It doesn't matter how much I play with her or how many toys I give her she wants to attack my feet & I'm getting so sick of having sore feet. She is 7 weeks old now. Please help me out, no matter what I do, whether it be telling her a firm "no!" & handing her a toy or putting her in time out.. she won't learn :(


    My dog has separation anxiety when I leave the house and constantly barks. He is inside my home when I leave but a neighbour has complained. Kind regards Madeline

    Ruining Bedding 

    Hello, My one year old Staffy x Kelpie continuously destroys his bedding! He has a large kennel outside that has one doona and one blanket. Dre is outside for most of the day whilst I'm at work. My mother is home during the day and goes out a couple times to play games with him. He has a variety of toys - kongs, soft toys, balls, ropes for tug-o-war (his favorite), which i swap over daily so he doesn't get bored. He is walked every night when I get home. Yet, without a fail he always rips apart his kennel bedding - It's becoming very frustrating. I've taken to applying a few drops of citronella oil to the affected areas but this isn't helping much. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks :) Lauren VIC

    dog barking 

    I have a 15 yo Lab kelpie x she has in the last 2 months started barking every night the local vet put her on pain killers thinking she was in some kind of pain but it hasn't worked what else could it be?

    Brodie's new and unacceptable behaviour 

    My dog Brodie is an eight year old Maltese/Shitzu Cross. Brodie has always chased skateboards in the park, but over the last month he has began to chase runners, then jumping up beside them and barking. He has also began doing this to people just walking through the park. I don't know why he has started this unacceptable behaviour. He is usually in a relaxed state and without warning he charges off. A lot of people are quite understanding, but I'm terrified that he will be kicked or injured - how can I stop him from doing this? Help. Many thanks, Lee

    Pet to Human Allergies 

    My son has severe allergies that cause outbreaks of eczema. He has a cat and I have often wondered if cat skin dandruff or other issues could cause or exacerbate his allergies and reaulting eczema. Any correlation?


    Hi, are you planning to put the series on dvd? My mother was born in the area and she doesn't have foxtel. I thought she would love to watch the series. She may recognize. Some of the people in the series. Thank you Lynette de weerdt

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