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    Hi. I live in an apartment (no yard) I have a 12 year old pug she is healthy. My sister has a one year old mixed breed who spend one day at my place then about four days later we found out she had Parvo. After treatment she was fine, but I am now interested in getting another pug puppy, is there a time period I have to wait until I get a puppy? The sick dog with Parvo never urinated or pooed in my apartment at all but im still concerned the carpet or lounge may be affected? Is there a safe time period at all? thanks for your time.

    My pet beagle 

    I have a 10 year old beagle she is over weight and I can't seem to get her weight down, she has a lump at the top of her right leg and it just seems to be getting bigger are you able to help me please, thank u!!!

    piddleing cat 

    I have a desexed male cat around maybe 6-7years old. In the last couple of weeks he has been piddling EVERYWHERE. I catch him in my laundry basket, laundry tubs, bath mats, shopping bags, on everything. The house smell like wee 24/7. I give him a bit of a smack if I catch him but he wont stop! How do I stop this!!!

    Getting a new puppy 

    Hi, We have a 1 1/2 year old Male French x Chihuahua and in 4 weeks we get an 8 week old Female Australian bulldog to join our family. We want to make sure the two get along and become 'best friends' as such. We know its something you can't force and its in their time, however, do you have any tips to make the process easier on everyone? Thanks, Jess

    Very excitable dog 

    Hi Dr. Ant and Dr. James, My border collie cross is very excitable and has a bad habit of jumping up on people when we walk which was cute when she was a puppy but not so much now she is 12 months old. Most people are understanding as we live in rural Victoria and they are aware of this trait in working dogs but I fear that someone will take offence particularly if it is a child. Can you suggest the best way to curb this habit before something happens. I'm at my wits end and she is such a sweet little thing and our walks are becoming quite stressful. :(

    Why does my dog chew the crotches out of clean and dirty underwear? 

    Hi Dr Ant and Dr James My 6yr old Maltese X (Roxy) is constantly chewing the crotch out of my 19yr old daughters clean and dirty underwear and swimmers, and more recently she has started chewing on my underwear. Her habit is very costly as it seems Roxy only chooses the pretty lacey underwear or expensive bikini bottoms. I have bought a laundry hamper without holes in it so she cant pull the underwear through, and Im on my daughters back to stop leaving her underwear on the floor. Im hoping there is a cure to stop her habit because I dont know what else to do. Regards Kylie

    cat who wont walk on a leg 

    Our cat had surgery to remove a toe about 3 months ago and he is no pain but will not walk on that leg (back RHS). He had started to walk on it (when we weren't looking!) but when we gave him our attention he would limp. Our vet has suggested because we over compensated in love and affection he continued to limp. We have since restrained ourselves somewhat and know he limps all the time. I am worried as it appears he has lost some muscle in the hind leg so what can we do to get him to walk on all 4's again?

    dog behaviour 

    we have a lovely labrador called molly who is very scared of lots of things . i bought her at a pet shop almost 3 years ago and she has always been a very nervous dog. if i take her for a walk she goes alright until she sees a person or a car or hears something and then she bolts for home with or without me. the only way i can give her a decent walk is to put her in the car and take her to where she can run off lead.she is also quite overweight as i fed her too much as a pup because food was a comfort to her. i would love to find a way to teach molly that she doesnt need to be so scared all the time .can you please help.we have also recently rescued a boxer cross mastiff called rosie who has been badly treated. we would like to do some obedience training with her as she is a big girl but she has started showing aggression to some other dogs. what can we do about this?i hope you can help us with our dogs as we love them very much and want them to be happy and healthy

    My anxiety driven poodle 

    Hey there I have a three-year-old male poodle not desexed. His name is Remi and he is the love of my children's and my life. I made a mistake and really on when we first got him of taking him into work with me every day and that was okay because I had any area where I could keep him behind the counter of the store. I closed this business and open the cafe in the longer could when we come along with us, all of a sudden his attitude changed he was already now about 2. Remi started to vomit and poo inside the house and got extremely depressed when we went out and stayed in our bay window until we got back and he cried a lot. he needs to be whether every waking moment he follows me around like a shadow I can't even go to the bathroom without him wanting to know where I am and we take him out in the car he is anxious he wants to get in the car but faces the car back seat and then when I get out yelp and yelp like I'm beating him and I have an even open his door yet!! I can just pull up at lights or drive into a carpark and he is already crying and it's very distressful we have tried going to the vet and putting them on a mild sedative the only thing that relaxed was his Sphinx stuff was all he did was let out wind is there anything you can do to advise or help us with him?

    Bad puppy habits 

    Hi my puppy Mason is 10 months old and he has a really terrible habit of chewing things that are not his toys I've tried to train him out of this and have given him lots of chew toys which is obviously not working, my partner is about to loose it and is telling me he wants to get rid of the puppy because he keeps chewing things that are important for example the lawn mower he borrowed from his dad. I don't know what I'm doing wrong with the training please help me or I may have to make the choice between my puppy and my relationship.

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