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    RUBY - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

    Ruby has diabetes and nothing seems to be working, increased insulin or decreased insulin. She is on 3.1/2 insulin reduced from 7 and is very wobbly and bumping into things, can't see very well, When is it kinder to put her down. I hate to ask

    Sick chicken 

    Hi there. My chicken stopped laying about a week ago. She is very quiet and lethargic. She stands with a haunched posture and constantly has her feathers fluffed up. She has diarrhoea and stands in the same spot all day. She doesn't have much of an appetite. Have done some research and think she may be egg bound. Any ideas of what could be wrong or how I can help her would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Perineal urethrostomy surgery_2 Year old Darcy recovering 

    Aftercare - does that include removing stitches when you receive a quote. How much would you quote for the op including aftercare? Do you provide info to address incontinence - Darcy's care has become the priority and we are either during the day wrapping him with Puppy Training Pads & a towel, or putting him in a homemade "cat pen" - although we still have to watch him 24/7. At night we've had to put him in a cat carrier at the end of our bed.

    dogs fighting at play time 

    hi, we have a 8 yr old bichon frise and have just adopted a 9 yr old cocker spaniel. the bichon loves playing ball and running around the house but ever since we adopted the cocker spanield, play time has been limited due to the cocker spaniel attacking the bichon when he has a ball, running or playing tug of war. the cocker spaniel is very quiet and loving, our 2 yr old daughter can do just about anything with her but when the bichon wants to play, he always comes off second best. I'm worried that the cocker spaniel is going to badly hurt the bichon frise (or worse). Can you please help? thanks, Karen

    Bird Plucking  

    Hi, I have a 2 year old red-belly conure that seems to have had a plucking issue for the last few months. Local vets believe that it is an anxiety issue she gets when we all leave the house for work. We have tried many things to stop her from plucking (put sprays on her, give her toys, and went to our local vet and there is nothing that seems to work). This is my last resort so I was just wondering if there is anything that you may have or can do that can stop my bird from plucking herself and get her looking herself again. The last month it has gotten quite bad. Attached is a picture of an area where she plucks and what she used to look like before this issue started, she has also started plucking her back and legs. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Kefir for Dogs 

    I have a long haired Akita with stomach sensitivity and allergy issues. Can I give him kefir, I already give him dry biscuits for sensitive dogs and kangaroo meat. Your opinions would be appreciated.

    my dog 

    hi how can stop my dog honey she will go to toilet at night or when it is raining what can we do? Ihave tried puppy pads takeing her to the toilet .l want stop going in the house we Living in Yelarbon qld anh child amy who love watch your show thank you debbie

    german shepherd  

    I have a 4 yrs old german shepherd that not good with other dogs she gets boisterous with them how can i stop it from happening

    Barking/howling puppy 

    I desperately need help/advice!! I have a 10 month old cocker spaniel. Beautiful dog but I think she has separation anxiety. If she isn't inside with us she will jump at the door/window & bark. If we don't let her in she will howl. During the night she will howl non stop. This behaviour is upsetting me & turning me into an angry person. She will only stop if I let her inside. I have tried rewarding if she doesn't bark, yelling, spray bottle. If I take her for a walk to tire her out she goes crazy when we get home. She can't be inside 24/7. Please help because I'm worried I will begin regret getting her & my neighbours can only tolerate so much howling during the night. Thanks Kelly

    Trimming hair around puppies eyes 

    Hi Drs, we have a 5 month old mini foxy x maltese. He is starting to get a long coat which we expected. The hair on his nose is now growing into his eyes. When we try to trim the hair he gets quite snappy. We are too afraid to trim his face for fear of damaging his eyes with the scissors as he snaps and jerks his head. We don't want him to get eye infections due to the hair in his eyes. How can we train him to allow us to trim his face?

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