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    Car Sickness 

    My best buddy Jet, is now 2 years old and after speaking with my local vet 1 year ago about Jet getting car sick he said he will grow out of it and should be find be the age of 2. We 2 is here back in July and still Jet doesnt like the car. He will tense up when I put him in the car and then after a little while he will start drooling if the ride goes longer he will sometime vomit. I have tried sitting him up higher in one of those Booster sets for dogs but that didnt work either. PLEASE Help as my partner are look for a caravan and want to travel and take Jet with us. You advise to regarding this would be appreciated.

    Cat 'dandruff' 

    Hi Love your show! I'm hoping you can tell me what to do about my cats' dandruff. I find when I brush one of them he has loads of 'dandruff', particularly this time of year. He's black and it's not a 'good look' plus I'm worried that he's got a deficiency in something. I've also found that another one is having the same problem this year although not as bad. Do I need to add something to their food or get something for their coats? They get good dry food, canned fish and minced meat (for pets) daily. The black one mainly eats the meat. Regards Lesley

    beagle that reacts aggressively towards other dogs 

    Hi there I have adopted a beagle who is 7 and 5 months from the rspca. He is perfectly behaved at home with two other beagles ( 7 yrs and 4 years) but is reactive towards other dogs that try to come up to him as well as will bark and growl at bikes riding by or noisy trucks. I am trying to redirect his attention when any of the above things are coming towards him with fritz. I have taken him to a vet to be checked out including bloods and all is clear. I have also contacted the rspca who were aware of his behaviour but not to this extreme. They feel that he may not be able to be rehome but I don't want to give up on him. Hope you are able to give me any information to help Syd who has been in and out of foster care. Thanks Linda

    Female Jack Russel x 5y 

    Hi Drs, we have a female jack Russell who scratches every minute of her waking hours! We have tried all types of shampoos and have resorted to baby shampoo. She has her regular flea and tick treatments and have change her diet to see if that helps but doesn't. When she does get bathed she will twitch for 24 hours and her skin seems inflamed (the baby shampoo is the lesser of all shampoos that make her do this) Any help would be appreciated Joyce Family


    Hola quisiera saber ¿cual es la función que tienen las bacterias en el rumen? Gracias :)

    Veterinary trainee-ships  

    Hi Anthony and James. My name is Amy and i am currently in grade 8. I will begin studying to be a vet next year and i am very passionate about it. I can't wait to start helping animals. I was wondering if you offer trainee-ships for people to come and study with you. If you do offer this, how would i apply. I understand i might have to wait a couple years but i am willing to wait. I really hope you would be able to find a spot for me. Thankyou.

    3 1/2 old kelpie X choc lab 

    He has been desexed, but won't stop digging holes in not only gardens but the grass aswell, mainly happens when noone is outside. Have given toys and treat toys, but he just chews them into amillion pieces. Please help.

    Honey.... My Jack Russell cross 

    Honey is 15 months old she has a real problem with the car and socialising. I need to build her confidence with both, but she is not so very food orientated,. How can I build her confidence up in these area's?. She is quite a smart little dog in that she loves to play ball and most of the time she will bring it back. She has a toy box so to speak and will choose a toy and if you swap it she will go find the one she chose. I had an episode where a pup from over the road came over and just wanted to play... I was in the bathroom and could hear Honey screaming I thought she was being killed. when I came out she had poohed and urinated everywhere in the lounge, thank god I have tiles in that area. The pup that came to visit is a Staffy cross and she was excited and just wanted to play!. I really need help !. Regards Lea.

    Sheep breeding 

    How many times can you breed the same ram with your lambs for and when is it time to let him to stop breeding


    my dog who maltese/shitzu is constantly scratching. The vet gave us a special diet to try to determine what food is causing the itch, but he scratched with everything so we put it down to the grass, what can we do??????

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