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These two best mates share a love of animals and are the stars of Village Vets Australia.

These two best mates share a love of animals and are the stars of Village Vets Australia.

About Dr Ant and Dr James

Dr Anthony Bennett and Dr James Carroll are best mates and the stars of Village Vets Australia on The LifeStyle Channel. Set in the picturesque Shoalhaven region of NSW, the series follows Anthony and James as they run their three veterinary clinics and tend to the animals and pets of the close knit communities they have become an integral part of.

On a fateful February day in 2000 – their first day of university – Anthony Bennett and James Carroll met and forged a lifelong friendship. After five years of study, they both graduated in 2004 from Sydney University with First Class Honours.

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Latest Questions & Answers

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My best buddy Jet, is now 2 years old and after speaking with my local vet 1 year ago about Jet getting car sick he said he will grow out of it and should be find be the age of 2. We 2 is here back i...

Cat 'dandruff'  

Hi Love your show! I'm hoping you can tell me what to do about my cats' dandruff. I find when I brush one of them he has loads of 'dandruff', particularly this time of year. He's black and it's not...

beagle that reacts aggressively towards other dogs  

Hi there I have adopted a beagle who is 7 and 5 months from the rspca. He is perfectly behaved at home with two other beagles ( 7 yrs and 4 years) but is reactive towards other dogs that try to come...

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