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Donna Hay

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Donna is no longer available to answer questions but please browse our archive of answers.

Donna is no longer available to answer questions but please browse our archive of answers.

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Fussy Children Popular Dinners  

Hi Donna, I have two very fussy children and was wondering what you suggest for easy, popular dinners that they might enjoy?”...

Cesear salad dressing recipe  

hi doona hay -we just love your cooking show we never ever miss an episode -I have just come out of a breast cancer journey and you are my true inspiration that has made me get back into the one thin...

Dessert dilemma  

I have been watching your show since the first episode and absolutely love it! However I notice that in a lot of the dessert or cake recipes you use almond meal. In my family they have a distinct aver...

How to Make The Perfect Chocolate Ganache

Mastering this dessert trick will give you gorgeous ganache every time.

How to Toast Spices

Toasting spices is a very simple step that gleans big rewards, especially when making spice rubs, mixes or adding them to sauces or marinades.

How to Cook Creamy Caramel

Making your own caramel gives you the luxury of tailoring it to just the way you like it.

How to Prepare Steaks Ahead of Cooking

Getting a simple steak just right all comes down to the preparation.

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