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Your Guide to Buying a Mattress

Find out more about different types of mattresses, how to care for them and all the latest trends, from the experts at Forty Winks

1. What are some of the major developments and new technologies being applied to mattresses?

Bedding technology is constantly evolving. The first innerspring mattresses were developed in the late 1800s, and the first pocket coil mattress was conceived in the early 1900s. 

Elements of those inventions are still used today.  We see continual development of spring technology and materials which ensures that the product meets the demands of our consumers. 

We constantly work with our suppliers to ensure that the best possible product is brought to market.  Recent spring developments include titanium enriched springs, variable response pocketed coils with secondary reflex support coils.

Some recent new technology would include Gel Infusing products.  This includes both Visco Elastic Foams and Talalay Latex.  FlexGel and similar gel products have been on the market for sometime, but we are now seeing the evolution of this material into more traditional style mattresses.

2. How have our lifestyle trends also shaped what's new and popular? 

Our lifestyles are much more hectic so the value of sleep and benefits of good sleep are becoming more important. 

Our consumers are becoming much more educated about the different options available in sleep surfaces.  In most cases customers be able to advise what the priorities are for their next mattress purchase.

For example, motion transfer, or partner disturbance.  Motion Transfer has been a challenge in bedding for years and many consumers see this as a major hurdle in the mattress process.

In the traditional sleep surfaces, the evolution of the pocketspring and developments of motion deflection barriers have provided a product that better fits this need than products available in the past. 

The advancements in the specialty sector, have seen more options become available that better suit the market for both the traditional and technology hungry customer.

3. Where do you begin in guiding people to the right mattress?

·        We define what the consumers needs are
·        Are there specific areas of concern?
·        Identify what possible issues, if any, were present in their previous mattress
·        What made them start looking for a new mattress? 

Sometimes, we have to ascertain if they have had a particularly good sleep on a different mattress to normal  e.g recent holidays, visiting friends. 

Surprisingly many customers will identify that their existing mattress has seen better days once they have slept in a different bed. 

If a customer has enjoyed a bed at a particular hotel we can usually identify they style of mattress and find a similar product whilst addressing other needs and concerns.

4. What are the main benefits of a Memory Foam mattress? How do they fare in comparison to Latex ?

Memory Foam is a growing segment of the Australian Market.  The main benefits of a quality memory foam product like Cool3 or Tempur include, contouring support, pressure relief and minimised movement across the sleep surface.  This product is well suited to people with pressure related discomfort during sleep and is a genuine alternative sleep surface.

Basically Memory Foam is a Synthetic Alternative to Latex.

5. How do Latex matresses work and who are they best suited to?

Latex is a very natural product.  Even the purest forms used in bedding have a synthetic content to ensure consistency and durability in the solid form.  Good quality latex is exceptionally durable and provides a hypoallergenic sleep surface.  Solid latex mattresses are very good for dust related allergy suffers.

Due to poor quality product flooding the market in recent years, there have been issues with some latex mattresses sleeping warm and as a result latex products as a whole being perceived as a hot mattress.

Consideration must be made for the feel of a mattress as well as the materials it is constructed from. 

A softer mattress will be warmer than a firmer mattress, you sleep in a softer mattress rather than on it.

More of your body is in contact with the mattress, as a result you feel warmer.  Most latex mattresses are medium to soft, as a result they can be warmer than a traditional firm mattress.

To assist in keeping the body at a neutral temperature there is a new range of Natures Rest Mattresses available with the softer model being Gel Infused.

6. Obviously important to get the right base. When is an ensemble best? What works best on slats? Otherwise, is it really a style/personal preference? How do you steer clients?

A good foundation is critical to the performance of the mattress.  It requires strength, stability and breathability basically any base needs to perform in the same manner as the manufactures ensemble base.

We work hard with our suppliers to ensure that all furniture sold at Forty Winks will enable the mattress to perform as if it is on an ensemble base.

We have strict furniture standards to make certain the mattresses are supported properly.

At Forty Winks it is totally up to the customer if they prefer a piece of furniture, a designer base or the standard ensemble.

7. What are you top tips to care for your mattress to help it last longer?

Even wear.  Rotate the mattress.

All major manufacturers are now producing single sided mattresses so mattress maintenance is no longer as hard as it once was.  All that is required is to rotate the sleeping surface from top to bottom.  The more often this is done the more even the wear.

If you have a King Size, if there is ever only one person in the bed, sleep right in the middle.  This will help alleviate the dreaded ridge in the middle of the bed, remember we want even wear, there is no benefit in keeping the middle of the mattress brand new and only using the outer edges.

Waterproof Mattress Protector!  Moisture is not a good thing when talking mattresses. 

Moisture deteriorates the comfort layers and accelerates wear.  A good quality waterproof mattress protector is essential to get the best life out of your mattress investment.

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Latex mattress is very popular nowadays.It is so comfortable number of people using this latex mattresses increases significantly.

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