Winter Interior Essentials

In order to ensure an entire day on the sofa without any interruptions you need to lock the door and take the phone of the hook, and gather some essential items to keep you warm, nourished and entertained.

To start with, you will need a sofa that is wide, long enough to lie on, and filled with comfortable cushions. A real fire and some flickering candles are ideal for creating that indulgent ambience. As well as these things you will need:


For complete luxury and warmth, line your sofa with a faux fur throw to lie on, and cover yourself with your doona from your bed. If your doona cover is pure cotton, all the better.

Hot Chocolate

To ensure that you remain nourished through out the day you need chocolate.
Tea is good, but chocolate is way better especially if it is real chocolate that you melt yourself, like this suckao pot from Max Brenner Chocolates. The tealight candle underneath melts the chocolate, and keeps the drink warm. Add some milk, or slurp it neat.

$45 from Max Brenner Chocolates
Ph: (02) 9357 5033

Book Light

Because you also need brain food to keep you entertained, be sure to have a stack of books close at hand. And as you don't want to ruin the lighting and the ambience that you have tried so hard to create, grab a handy book light that simply clips onto your book, to make it easier on the eyes.

$18.95 from Holy Sheet

"Hold It" Storage Unit

Being on the sofa all day, can be a bit messy, and that means you'll be compromising on the comfort factor. To make sure that you are really comfortable and clean, you need to be organized. That's where this handy storage unit comes in. Keep it beside your sofa for easy access, and use it to store some snacks, magazines and the remote control. The best part of this design is the lift off tray, which accommodates your bowl of soup and keeps it steady on your lap, so there are no nasty accidents.

$605 from Chee Soon & Fitzgerald
Ph: (02) 9360 1031

"Herbie" Heat Pillow

When the doona, the fire, and the faux fur aren't quite doing it for you in the heat department, you need "Herbie". Filled with some wheat and other herbs, pop him in the microwave for about 3 minutes with a glass of water near by, and not only will he warm for long periods of times, he's also great for easing back pain, neck strain, and all those other ailments that we suffer from when the mercury plummets.

$25 from Aero
Ph: (02) 9380 8856


The only rule about slippers is that they have to be made from wool or any other natural material so that your feet can breathe and don't sweat. Wear those fur yeti boots that the kids gave you last year with pride!

Selection from $45 from Britt
Ph: (02) 9907 3388

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