Warning: Why these common household cleaning products should never be used together

If you’re using this cleaning combo, it’s time to pick one or the other.

When it comes to cleaning it can be tempting to mix products together to get a deep clean on those tough jobs.

One common household problem that many people try to tackle themselves is mould.

In doing so, people try different methods which can lead to them purposely or accidently mixing cleaning products together.

But experts have warned creating your own cleaning agents is never a good idea - especially when using bleach and vinegar.

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Experts from consumer advocacy group CHOICE have warned cleaning with multiple chemicals should always be done with caution.

“Warning: Never mix bleach and vinegar together – it creates toxic chlorine gas,’” they said.

While these popular cleaning products work wonders on their own, together they create a potentially lethal combination, here’s why.

Vinegar is a diluted form of acetic acid, while bleach is made of diluted sodium hypochlorite.

When these chemicals are combined, they create chlorine gas which can be potentially lethal if inhaled.

Chlorine gas can be extremely harmful in high levels, but even small amounts can irritate the eyes, throat and nose.

So, while this combo may seem like the perfect cleaning agent or disinfectant, it’s best to use one or the other. 

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According to Healthline, mixing any household cleaning agents is a bad idea.

“Mixing bleach and vinegar creates potentially lethal chlorine gas,”

“If you notice a pungent smell after mixing household cleaners, you should immediately leave the area and try to breathe in fresh air”

Bleach and vinegar aren’t the only household cleaning agents that should be mixed together. Other dangerous combinations include:

  • Bleach and Ammonia: Combined, these chemicals create a toxic gas called Chloramine.
  • Bleach and rubbing alcohol: Bleach should never be mixed with anything other than plain water. Mixing it together with rubbing alcohol can create an irritating and toxic chemical mix.
  • Two different types of drain cleaners: Different products contain slightly different chemicals which can create a dangerous combination. It’s important to stick to one product and allow some time before using different products on the same drain.

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