7 reasons why you need linen sheets in your life

Revolutionise your sleeping experience.

It is estimated that we will spend a third of our life in bed, so in these precious moments, you want to be reaping all the benefits. This is where linen bedding comes in, with its multitude of positive factors that will make you look and feel better. Genevieve Rosen-Biller, founder of Bed Threads, explains the reason why you should go linen, and won't go back. 

#1 They're Pinterest-worthy 

The beauty about linen sheets is that once they're on your bed, the styling is done. "Nothing is as chic and luxurious, yet easy to style and maintain," Genevieve says. "Linen looks better un-ironed as the natural creases and texture are what give it that relaxed, yet refined aesthetic." So ditch the iron and enjoy the pleasure of not having to make your bed in the morning.

#2 They adjust with your body temperature

We all hate those nights when the sheets are too sticky or not warm enough. But with linen, you won't have that problem. "The hardworking natural fibres of flax linen regulate temperature and adjust accordingly, making them cool in the heat and toasty when it’s cold," says Genevieve. "Natural flax linen fibres are known for their heat conductivity, which means more of the body heat generated when you are sleeping is distributed to the surrounding air." Science. 

#3 They get better with age

There's nothing more unappealing than being invited into a bed with torn, saggy sheets. Invest in a material that will last more than a few sleepovers. As Genevieve explains, "100 per cent flax linen is stronger and more durable than other fabrics such as cotton or silk, and it only becomes softer and more comfortable with every wash and wear."

#4  They're earth-friendly 

With eco-friendly products on the rise, you can do your little bit by going flax. Genevieve reveals that flax linen is a plant-derived, environmentally friendly and ethically - conscious material so you'll be helping mother nature one sleep at a time. "The flax plant that linen is created from requires less water and fewer pesticides than other manchester-creating crops in order to thrive, " says Genevieve. "The entire plant is utilised, from the seeds right through to the stalks, meaning much less waste than other materials. Linen is also both biodegradable and recyclable."

#5 They're your skin saviour 

Sometimes bed sheets can be a cesspit for germs and oils, but there's now a solution. "100 per cent flax linen is hypo-allergenic and known to help balance the skin’s natural pH, making it perfect for sensitive skin types and those who may be susceptible to asthma and allergies," Genevieve explains. "Linen sheets are antibacterial, in that they wick away moisture to protect against germs in your bed. The linen fibres also naturally work to repel dirt and suppress pathogenic bacteria and microflora."

#6 They’re best for beauty sleep

We all try our best to use the right face mask before bed and exfoliate with little flakes of gold, but according to Genevieve, it all could rely on your pillowcase. As she explains, The right pillowcase for your face should be made of natural fabrics, as these are more breathable and transfer less oils while you sleep. The absorbency and temperature-regulating technologies of flax linen prevent facial sweat and adjust to match body temperature, facilitating you to sleep peacefully through the night and prevent breakouts simultaneously."

#7 They're naturally cool

You can now switch off your seven fans and snuggle in for a long night, as Genevieve reveals that linen sheets will do the cooling for you. "The structure of the linen fibre makes for a non-restrictive fabric that will billow around your body rather than tightly adhere to it. Linen can absorb up to 20 per cent of its own weight before feeling damp, so if you’re someone who tends to get hot while you sleep you needn’t worry about waking up tangled in sweaty sheets," she says.

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