Feng shui master reveals how to increase your property’s value

Have you ever thought about adding some feng shui to your home to increase property value?

A new research report from HSBC reveals that Australians are turning to feng shui to up the value of their home. With 82 per cent of Australians preferring the look of a room that employed feng shui principles compared to an image without, it could very well be worth it!

Traditional feng shui techniques have many layers and there are many areas to be considered, such as the accurate orientation of the houses and the year of the birth of the occupants. According to feng shui Master, Edgar Lok Tin Yung these are the five most important feng shui tips for you to increase your property's value:

Water feature

"In feng shui, water represents wealth. Having a water feature outside of the main entrance can attract wealth. Regardless of the orientation of your house, there are two areas you can place a water feature to increase wealth. Firstly, place a water feature about three metres direct in front of the main entrance. Secondly, place a water feature at 45 degrees measuring from the centre of the main door. The water feature in front of the door should not be over 75cm in height."


"Feng shui is about the Qi (energy) flows. The smooth flowing of Qi brings harmony Qi to the home. It is good to get rid of unwanted big objects which can block the Qi flow. Declutter the front and backyards too.

"Further to this, it must be noted that flowing Qi is undesirable. If your front door is directly in line with the backdoor, the Qi flows in and out in a straight line quickly which will disperse the Qi. A big vase, or a small table can slow down the Qi flows."

Activate the Green Dragon area

"The ‘Green Dragon’ area of a house refers to the left sides of the house when looking out from the house to the street. When Green Dragon area is activated, it invites helpful and supportive people. An example of a helpful person would be an experienced estate agent who is able to sell your home at a good, unexpected price.

"In feng shui, the movement of objects creates Qi or energy. Place a moving object at the Green Dragon side of your house can achieve activation. A fish aquarium, air conditioner, fire place, humidifier or dehumidifier can increase the Green Dragon Qi; a simple method to achieving this if you don’t have any of these products is placing a mirror at the Green Dragon side of the house."

Centre of the house

"The centre of the house is the heart of the house and this should be kept as spacious as possible. Do not place any active objects in the centre of the home.

"Most modern houses have the kitchen placed at the centre. I have seen houses with the fridge located at the very centre of the house. This is not a good feng shui configuration, and it brings many health issues to the occupants of the house such as stomach and heart issues.

"In traditional Chinese culture, the heart is responsible for some decision making, and if the centre of this is activated it can make it easier to make bad decisions."


"Plants are wood elements. If your home orientation happens to be facing east, southeast or south, you can place more plants (at least 1.3m in height) at the entrance area inside and outsidae of your house to active the directional element. This can help to improve the value of the property."

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