Top Autumn Tips to Save Money Around Your Home

By implementing a few small changes in the home and garden over the autumn months, you can start to save money on their water and electricity bills all year round.

You can make your home more energy and water efficient at a low or no cost by following Bunnings' simple hints and tips for the home and garden. These are great ways to live more sustainably at an affordable price.

Energy Saving Tips

  • Instead of turning the heating on, rug up and put an extra blanket on the bed when going to sleep. This is a free and simple way to make a big difference on electricity bills.
  • Utilise carpets and rugs. They are a great form of insulation as they reduce heat loss through the floor.
  • Leave curtains open on cold days to maximise natural light and heat entering the house to reduce the need for heating.
  • Install door and window draught seals and door snakes to keep heat inside on cold nights.
  • LED lighting is energy efficient and lasts much longer; this is a great option if you want to reduce lighting costs and reduce the need to replace light globes.
  • Instead of using a dryer, hang clothes on a clothesline or air dryer as this is free.
  • Use timers, daylight sensors and movement sensors to control outdoor and security lighting.
  • Install solar-powered lights in the garden that harness the natural energy of the sun rather than adding to electricity bills; Bunnings has a wide range of solar lights from path lights to lighting for outdoor entertaining.

Water Saving Tips

  • Replace single flush toilet cisterns with a dual flush system, which is water efficient and can save thousands of litres a year.
  • Only turn the dishwasher on when it has a full load.
  • Check and repair leaking taps or flow restrictors to ensure water is not being wasted.
  • Install a water efficient showerhead to reduce the amount of water being used daily.
  • Collect water in a bucket when showering and use it to water the garden.
  • Adding mulch to garden beds reduces the amount of water lost through evaporation, meaning less watering is required.
  • Install a grey water diverter from the laundry or bathroom to the garden to reduce the need for watering.
  • Think about installing a water tank in the garden to collect rain water that can be used inside and outside the home.

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